Friday, March 25, 2022

By Request...

This photo was shared to a FB group to which I belong by the father in the photo. He is Cuna, Kuna or Guna, for which spelling varies and indigenous to Panama. As you can see, the children are garbed in multilayered and colorful Molas which are used for that purpose by women and kids. Molas are also made for sale to tourists. I have a small collection from my twenty years in Panama and some I inherited from my maternal grandmother who lived and worked there, along with my grandfather. My mother's family lived in the Canal Zone from 1940 to1971, and my mother was a teacher there from 1963-1979. She lived there from the age of two and her brother and sister were born there. I arrived there in 1959 as a four-month-old with her after the ill-fated first marriage fell apart, and spent my childhood there. I do not have a lot of photos or the ability to take more at this point. All of these with the exception of the family photo above have been previously posted. There are several books and more information on the Web about the several indigenous tribes of Panama as well the use and variety of Guna  Molas. My grandmother's were made for tourists and sold as individual panels which she pinned up together on one wall in her home.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Early Morning...

 I am writing this at 4:45 AM having been awakened by a loudly yowling Lukas. He has eaten and taken his blood pressure pill and is now quietly ensconced in our living room. Cats love their routines and there is not a day that goes by that I can now sleep through the night. I'm at the halfway point in my sleep cycle and will shortly

return to bed with a book until I nod off.

I've read a few things lately, and started listening to audiobooks streamed from the library. The latest Donna Leon book is one. I love her characters, her use of language and the wide ranging subject matter. I always find references to subjects and people about whom I know little which gives me the chance to learn something new and sparks my curiosity.

Laura Dave, who appears to be a rather prolific novelist, kept my attention throughout The Last Thing He Told Me, in which a woman and her stepdaughter are forced to unravel her husband's complicated past after he disappears.

Another detective series featuring Brittany and the rather temperamental Commissaire Dupin which is actually penned by a German with a French pseudonym, proved more interesting than it first appeared to be and I'll try the next in the series. Very little blood and gore but interesting characters, lovely scenery and some twists.

At this point, I'm also halfway through two memoirs. also on audio. I attempted the second in the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo but was so put off by details of torture, drug use, porn and murder that I'll pass. This was a blogger's suggestion and I had hoped to like it.

Happily. I can say I'm making good my resolution to use the library rather than bloating the plastic with e-book purchases. My library is currently displaying works by Ukrainian authors which I'll check out  once these books are done.

What are you reading?

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Warm Day...

 It is eighty degrees, breezy and partly cloudy here this afternoon. My building is quiet as all the neighbors have gone from home. The recent time change is playing havoc with my body clock. It is almost 2 PM and having been awakened at 4 AM, I want to go to bed...the perfect time for the luxury of a nap though if I indulge, I may not sleep through the night which  I would prefer.

Joanne Noragon  wrote in a post about climate refugees coming to her part of the world. presumably to escape fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms. I wonder if she has since met any of them and what they might say about their move and locale. Interestingly, while people still flock to Florida, just as many appear to move out, with Florida now trailing Texas in terms of growth.

I've begun looking around at things like rents, public transport. access to libraries, vets. healthcare, food and some of the midwestern states appear to be more economical. This does not include state income tax or property tax which can vary widely. More research will be done.

My first meal of the day included four servings of veg and a favorite fruit, so I'm off to a great start if only I can stay awake...

What about you??

Sunday, March 13, 2022

J. S. Bach - Lute Suite in E Major BWV 1006a - Evangelina Mascardi

What's Cookin'...

 Sunday us typically my day to cook for the week. I got a small delivery of groceries early this morning, and was set to start until I went to the recycle bins and spotted food containers left on the ground...I was able to pick up the trash but not before getting briefly stuck in the carpet of muddy leaves filling the bottom of our dumpster cage. 

When I got in the flat, it was an hour cleaning my chair and the floor and the hand vacuum. I will not be the residential trash fairy and after that spate  of cleaning and no breakfast, I was more than ready for lunch.

A spicy salad with a bit of battered fish, some tart berries and a fresh juice go down well. Leftovers on tap for tomorrow and then food prep commenced. Brown rice, more fish, salad, sliced tomatoes dressed in olive oil and basil, tofu and vegetables and a vegetable fried rice with five spice powder are completed in record time as is the washing up.

The day is bright and crisp, the temperature rising from 39 to our present 67 degrees. Lukas and I spent last evening curled up in blankets. I am sorry to see the nearly 80 degrees forecast for the rest of the week. Spring use to be cooler until about mid-May. Now we swelter. More and more I think about so-called climate refugees and wonder how many of them flee from here, no longer content to live with the threat of hurricanes and burgeoning heat.

Clearly more than spice and taste are on my mind today...

What about you?

Friday, March 11, 2022

Waiting...Done For Now...

 Living with older pipes is a pain, particularly when blockages occur. I've tried the plunger, boiling water and soap and every other plumber's trick...Time for a snake, and a plumber. Appointment tomorrow morning. Crap!

A contractor who is familiar with the issues here and whom I've known for over 20 years was able to swing by on his way home and unclog the toilet successfully. He did charge but not as much as the plumber. Like me, his mother had an issue with plant roots. I will see if the toilet begins to clog with greater frequency before pulling it out to check for roots.



 This condo community has become fractious. The current board is largely geographically distant, and our monthly services are poor. Condominiums in Florida are managed professionally with no-one onsite here. We also have more renters than owners and this has led to problems with illegal dumping, landscapers who  speed through this complex in less than a half hour and ongoing problems with garbage.

Our board president has moved out and is selling her units. Additionally, there are plans afoot to spend eight thousand dollars on signage for the entrances which several of us find objectionable.

Last week, someone who was staying with a tenant who has died was denied a rental. The individual then threw a large sofa and mattress into a dumpster intended for household trash. Our property manager was called and relayed that her guy was busy. The apartment owner called another company and a truck came quickly. The sofa and mattress retrieved, bags of garbage were left around the dumpster.  The following day, the garbage collectors emptied the dumpster without picking up any of the trash and litter on the ground,

Yesterday, I  was so fed up that masked and gloved. I went out and with bags and grabber in hand, I attacked the trash, getting at least six bags into the dumpster. I figure if a fat broad in a wheelchair can do that, trash guys with all four limbs can do the same. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.

That done, I cleaned up, did laundry, washed  the kitchen floor and made two meals before settling down with a book, tired.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Monday Monday...

This day began with two pre-dawn wake ups from my senior cat, a trash run and then a late-morning Zoom funeral service. This was followed by a phone call to the County regarding Lukas and his rabies vaccine and tag. The County took pains to inform me that I had 30 days to comply or face a fine between $120 and $500 plus court costs. The matter has now been settled.

This was my current earworm, and I love the harmonies.


Sunday, March 6, 2022


 The resident feline finally saw his vet yesterday for vaccines and check-up. His weight is good and he is doing well for a creature with chronic kidney disease, a history of thyroid tumor, a permanent heart murmur and bad teeth. His blood pressure was okay and he will continue on medication for that. Blood work will reveal if anything else is afoot. The murmur and his age pose risks for anesthesia should he need dental care or surgery.

The vet said he was very good during the exam and shots and my friend had no problems at all during transport. He is eating well and otherwise holding his own. There is no cure for kidney disease and with its myriad complications, I am happy that as of now, Lukas has few of them.

He was very happy to come home and spent the afternoon curled up in bed.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Kindle Purge...

 I've  had a Kindle e-reader since 2015 when it was gifted to me. It wasn't something I would have purchased for myself. As a true bibliophile I had always treasured the heft of a book in the hand but the minimalist in me enjoyed that I did not have hundreds of books cluttering up the 745 square feet I call home.

My e-reader quickly became the go-to for library and Kindle purchased books which until recently worked perfectly. When I began getting error messages after downloading books, I contacted the seller and learned that I had exceeded the number of books my Kindle could store which is 500 or so.

Amazed, I realized that my penchant for books had simply taken another form. Checking online, I was dismayed to learn that I had purchased or borrowed 175 books in the last year alone. I've read 54 of them thus far, but 175 seems excessive, even for an avid reader. I can read four books per month. On average, I read closer to three.

With this in mind, I conducted a whopping clear out of some three hundred titles dating back to 2015 and have resolved to buy no more books until I've read those remaining. I have a small list of books from my local library that are on hold. As they become available, I will read them. Those are time limited and don't stay as borrowed titles once read.

I'm putting my clicking finger on indefinite vacation...


For those who speculate that a new Kindle might be necessary, mine is now charging and working well.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Shawn Colvin- Whole New You Tuesday Pick Me Up

Blinking in a world gone mad...

 So, don't you think you should be writing about weightier things? I mean., who really cares about sauce?

I blinked, took a breath and decided to answer rather than simply issuing a passing remark.

Yes, there are certainly weightier things, a power-hungry Russian with nuclear capabilities, a worldwide pandemic that is not over, both despite and because of,  poor personal behavior, disinformation and our politicians turning public health and collective welfare into a divisive issue...

I could go on. But I won't. The journalists, pundits and politicians are doing more than enough of that...

I am simply trying to survive as an older woman on her own with a disability who is vulnerable to COVID, opposes war and nuclear armament (although that horse left the barn long ago) and who does not wish to take to my bed with depression or despair.

For those of you not wishing to read about me, my cat, the people still in my life or my thoughts on sauce and other things, go forth and find another life and read you like more.