Sunday, January 27, 2019

Life After Radiation...

Lukas had his two doses of radio iodine over two nights last week and is home and doing well apart from not liking our change in living arrangements. He has the run of the front room which is the largest. His food is at one end, his box at the other.

Since he cannot sleep with me and his litter box cannot stay in my bedroom, putting him in the front rather than cramming him in our one small bathroom seemed preferable. This, of course, means that I need to corral him should anyone come to the front door and so far, I've missed the postal person twice and now have a package with postage due awaiting me at the post office for which I'll have the added expense of a cab to pick up. The package is not something ordered by me. It appears to be from a friend for my cat.

Apart from the logistics involved there, there is the constant gloving, hand washing and disposing of radioactive animal waste which is placed inside a tightly sealed container, placed outside for no less than eighty days. One and three months post treatment, Lukas is to have blood work to see if the radio iodine has stabilized his thyroid hormone output

. If not, this entire process will need to be repeated. He should be free of any radioactivity within two weeks.

I am already tired...

Friday, January 18, 2019

Another Sick Boy...

Lukas and I saw his vet this week for his yearly check up snd vaccinations. Upon learning that he had lost a pound, the vet requested permission for blood work and a sample was drawn and dispatched to the lab.

The results were not what I expected but rather what his vet may have suspected: Lukas has thyroid disease. This means a tumor is growing on his thyroid which can cause havoc in his body, leading to weight loss, kidney disease, liver problems and a host of other things which could shorten or take his life. 

The options are not wonderful: Medication to reduce the symptoms which will not kill the tumor but will eventually effect his liver or kidneys or radioactive iodine treatment which can kill the tumor but which in some instances can also kill cats. This option also comes with a hefty $1500 or so price tag. 

While this is hardly good, I am fortunate to have savings I can earmark for the task ahead and I've decided to seek a consultation with the vet who specializes in the I131 radioactive iodine procedure and await a call from his office this week. Lukas's vet has already sent over his labs and will wait to hear his assessment. 

Should Lukas be unable to have the treatment with radioactive iodine, then medication and the  knowledge that further complications will eventually arise from which he will die will be the only option. 

Having seen that with another of my cats for which neither pills nor transdermal ointment stabilized her thyroid, I'm sorry as hell that Lukas at perhaps eight, is having to go through this. I hope that my best effort on his behalf will bring with it the best result.

In the meantime, lots of cuddles, sleep, playtime and his favorite foods will be had freely.

Monday, January 7, 2019

A Beautiful Blue Day...

Photo courtesy of I. Deing

On the way to my local fruit and vegetable stand, amid blue Sunday skies, I spied this classic and had to have a photo. That beauty looks to be in mint condition.

I am still catching up from the holidays. I hope all of you are well and enjoying the start of the year. Happy Monday.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019 !

It is officially 2019! I hope this year is full of good things for each of you. My southern tradition of a plate of what is sometimes called Hoppin' John, greens and salad awaits for later today. I spent a quiet New Year's eve but was up very late and must return to bed for now.