Monday, October 19, 2020

Hitting Home...

 Lukas and I had a quiet weekend and a bit of homemade soup was left on the doorstep for me by a friend. Unfortunately. Lukas is in need of a pedicure. He left a trail of blood dots in his wake and a nail in our bed. Tonight I've found a second in the same place and after a peek at his paws, it appears that one of them is growing toward a pad rather than straight out.

Normally, a friend would help with this but with COVID 19, her visits are confined to the doorstep with no contact between us. Additionally, she has just informed me that her husband has spiked a fever and until they know whether or not he has the virus, she is going nowhere. She has been careful this whole time. He goes out more often than she and their son works for a grocery store chain and sees people daily.

The nice neighbors to the back of me are out of their place until Wednesday or so due to the building being tented for termites. Why this had to be done during a pandemic I have no clue. They have gone to stay with elderly at risk parents, one of whom stubbornly goes where he pleases when the notion strikes. I hope they will be safe there. Their plants are reposing on my screened porch and the man of the pair was kind enough to remove a trapped reptilian guest from my bathroom before decamping to his childhood home. No contact there either.

A recent newscast revealed that the COVID 19 virus has mutated into something more contagious now than when it began earlier this year. This tidbit of information needs to be well understood and more widely broadcast. Even then, masses of people will probably ignore it...

Happy Flu Season,,,

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 I've not been here for awhile I hope all of you are doing well. I've been busily researching and that continues. I've also spoken to two different state archivists, a genealogist, a distant cousin and a couple of other librarians. Every avenue attempted to locate a second great grandfather somewhere in time prior to 1900 has been a dead end so I am now searching similar names since his is often misspelled.

Another great grandfather of the same vintage has been a joy to read about. He differs from the loads of southern farmers, drunks and the few immigrants I've discovered because he was born and raised on a farm in New York in a largely Quaker community full of tight-knit and often related families and raised his children there. A researcher now living in that area has been enlisted to obtain more information about this line. He was a reader, active in his communities in both Florida and New York and left journals which a cousin had the presence of mind to save and donate to a research library near his New York farm.

 Quaker history is interesting and Quakers have done a lot toward founding this country, from schools and colleges to farms and communities nationwide. I have not just one but an entire line of them.

In yet another line, I've found eleven times great grandparents in Yorkshire whose descendants came first to the Virginia Colony, then branched into parts of North Carolina. There are a few Quakers among them as well.

On a personal note, thanks for all of the very kind comments on my last post. I am limiting my time on all forms of social media these days but will get to blogs as I can.

Be well.