Monday, June 1, 2020

Peaceful Protests Followed By Riots, Arrests

That title sums up what happened in my city over the weekend. I know of one vigil planned for today. Heart wrenching doesn't begin to cover the depth or range of feelings I'm experiencing as a bystander and the maelstrom sparked by the death of George Floyd and the hideous behavior by some of those sworn to protect and serve, will not end there. Of that I am certain. A city-wide curfew has been instituted. The most poignant photo I've seen is of a kid, masked, holding a sign which reads, "Stop Killing Us."

While the original protests were peaceful and escorted by law enforcement without riot gear, some who were there have since claimed the riots which followed to be largely the work of infiltrators. Coming amid a pandemic, more lives may yet be lost. The fact that people feel compelled to gather at this time is a reflection of anger over the racism that has been endemic to this country since its origins. 

Our governor has activated the Florida National Guard who today remain in several cities, including my own.

It seems surreal.