Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Photos...

The carved secretary and trunk are from Panama and are the only things in the sitting area of my front room at the moment, other than a cat bed for the newly-returned felines. Both have made themselves comfortable and appear happy to be with me. The green walls are quite a departure from the previous yellow. This was the only "neutral" in the paint palate that appealed to me. The painter suggested a darker green as a wrap around color in the small eating area which looks nice as well. He did a wonderful job.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What A Week!

The new flooring installation did not go as smoothly as anticipated. Not only was the installer a bit anal about holding up the job for two days over what is essentially nothing, he then complained about taking the job to another individual working in my flat, all within my hearing. I was so concerned over his remarks that I had a word with the man who handles the account on behalf of my insurer and who hired          him as my installer.

The upshot was that the head of accounts sent his second-in-command who purchased a set of sliders good for wood or laminate and left them on the feet of my stackable washer/dryer. He also called a plumber to come and re-connect the unit next day. I have had other flooring installers in my home over the last thirteen years and have never encountered this situation or this guy's attitude. As this was a routine insurance job, I did let the higher ups know what I thought and I will do the same with my insurer since this flooring company is their preferred provider.

On a happier note, the re-furbished, smaller kitchen cabinet is wonderful. It is ADA height and I now turn around in the kitchen without getting stuck and having to back out of the room. Additionally, the flat has  been cleaned, cleared of excess books, clothing, kitchen things and other items. Pictures have been hung and the front room awaits a couple of armchairs with slip covers that my resident felines can enjoy. Jacob, the more lively of the two, now has a new scratching post/cat condo to enjoy upon his return home. Below are some photos of the new bathroom. The paint, called "Delectable" in Porter paints palate, is a wonderful, almost deep violet that makes a small room pop. I will post photos of the rest of the flat tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Still A Mess...

I've been home from the hotel for one week. The new bathroom is beautiful. My contractor and all of the subcontractors involved do wonderful work, on time and as promised. As for the rest of the flat, it is chaotic...

The new floors have been delayed twice and are now supposed to be laid tomorrow. This is a different company and one not connected to those who completed the bathroom. The hold up centers around the moisture level in the bedroom. I have been sweating with the heat up to 78 degrees trying to facilitate drying, and tomorrow, we will see what the calcium chloride testing reveals. I see no evidence of anything untoward occurring beneath the concrete slab and have received little in the way of information when I ask questions of the flooring company, a preferred provider of my insurer.

The painter who did the bathroom has agreed to paint the rest of the flat and will be here tomorrow as well. The latter part of the week, there will be a new kitchen cabinet installed. This should make it easier for me to get in and out of the kitchen while still supplying needed storage.

The cats have not yet returned home. Jacob and Phoebe will not recognize their house, a situation I am actually dreading. Most of the furniture is gone and stuff is everywhere because the flooring installer pulled shelves apart to take up flooring beneath them and left their contents all over the table and the subfloor.

Photos to follow. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Until Next Time...