Thursday, February 21, 2019

Heating Up...

Alas that phrase not only includes the cups of chicken soup I've been slurping for days, but our weather which is suddenly very Spring-like. Much is blooming and along with the evening frog song, cicadas too lend their steady sounds. It is much too warm for February and that can only mean one thing: greater heat and the possibility of more hurricanes in the months to come.

When I first arrived here forty years ago, February was cold, so much so that one needed outerwear.  While it did not snow, icicles and frost often covered puddles, rooftops and other areas and I distinctly remember having to wear a wool-lined coat and gloves.

Not so today when I got away with two tee shirts and a pair of shorts. The tarp covering my upstairs rooftop from the air and weather is still in place and because it also covers the compressor for my air conditioner, the unit has been running at about four degrees warmer than the temperature on which it is set to run. In an effort to prevent burning out the motor, I've turned it off completely, resulting in an ambient temperature of  seventy-seven to eighty degrees. Either way, things are a bit muggy and opening the windows does not seem to help much.

The virus which has taken up residence in my chest and head is slowly losing ground though I predict another week of coughing and more soup. Lukas dislikes the coughing so much he now claims a living room chair for long term sleeping.

I've not been out of the flat for two weeks and really do not feel much like trying to go out. I'm also sorry that my posts of late have been less than interesting.

I wish you all a good weekend.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Oh Well...

The purple tarp remains but, according to my most immediate neighbor, we now have a problem with bats, several of which have taken up residence below an upstairs unit window. He claims that one got in his place last evening and bit his finger as he was attempting to get it back outdoors. Our HOA attempted to deal with this problem one year ago apparently to no great effect, according to him. Now, they will have his bills for rabies treatment to contend with as I'm sure the landlord will be notified. Sometimes, I think this place is just a bad soap opera.

Meanwhile, Lukas and I soldier on. I coughed so much this morning that my breakfast made a hasty reappearance, along with a bit of blood. More medicine was taken and for a few hours, we fell into uninterrupted sleep. Awakening, I found Lukas staring into my eyes. Was he checking that I was still alive? I'll never know for sure but since this was followed by kneading and purring, it is safe to assume he was happy that I live to feed and play another day.

He has had his monthly trim and dose of flea and tick, ear mite and heart worm preventative and watched a fellow ginger cat on YouTube playing with a ball, eyes tracking every move. His new battery operated rotating butterfly toy inspired both fear and loathing. He hid from it until he figured out it would not move beyond its base, and then ignored it in favor of a nap.

I've bunged all the leftover vegetables into a pot with broth and lentil and barley mix for tonight's dinner and a friend graciously did a store run for chicken soup and more fluids. Whatever this is isn't going anywhere fast.


Thursday, February 14, 2019


After two weeks of caring for Lukas following his radio iodine treatment, I developed a steadily worsening cough that has had me up at all hours, followed by an array of respiratory symptoms,  a stomach issue and lots of cold medicine. Our mild winter has meant running the heat seldom. However, in the throes of a fever that has since broken, I did attempt to turn on the central air, only to discover it was on but not actually reducing the ambient temperature at all.

A call brought my AC man to the door at which point he asked, "What is with the purple tarp at the top of your building? Since nothing had been said, I shrugged.

After examining my unit and running it, he concluded that the tarp was inhibiting the release of air and contributing to overload for the compressor. The tarp as it turns out, is shielding my upstairs neighbors' exposed closet ceiling which has rotted due to a long term leak, from weather and rain. Supposedly, the leak was fixed in 2017 but once again, our lovely homeowner's association has failed to find contractors up to the job at hand and things have worsened. We are not the only building with leaks and our vinyl roofing that was supposed to last twenty years isn't holding up either. The tarp has been loosened and my HOA is now on the hook for the $85 service fee I doled out.

My attempts to return to bed between coughing and wheezing have not proven fruitful as there have been too many knocks at the door. The only one enjoying slumbers' idyl is the cat.

Happy Hearts Day...