Monday, April 23, 2012

Chicken, Anyone?

I had not intended to be away from my blog for quite this long, but things have a way of cropping up...
Saturday night, for example, my mobile rang as I was sorting clothing to launder.  The breathless voice of my younger neighbour began relating a situation involving the word 'emergency,' along with a request to borrow my small hand-held vacuum cleaner.

 The long and short of it was that he and his partner had picked up some prepared chicken for dinner and were on their way home with the family dog when the younger of the two men spied a car at a dealer's and stopped to investigate. Apparently, both exited their car, leaving their Pomeranian mix and their intended supper alone together.

When they got back, predictably, the dog had up ended the container of chicken and had bits all over the car, which had to be cleared of detritus and cleaned, wiped down and coated with a leather protectant. When my friend said that they would make do with taking the skin off the pieces that had suffered the least damage, I advised him that eating anything that had had his dog's mouth around it wasn't a good idea and said certainly I would loan him the hand vac.

I did this while trying valiantly not to laugh at what was surely a sight to behold. It wasn't until I had clicked off that laughter overtook me and my young neighbour found me giggling when he came for the vacuum. He admitted that the whole incident was a silly mistake and soon, both of us were chuckling.

Their dog, who is usually well-behaved, suffered some digestive disturbance which was fortunately short-lived.

It is funny, but with age and perspective, my ideas about life's emergencies has shifted. Unless one is in danger of losing blood, a limb or the ability to breathe, little else qualifies as an emergency. In this case, I wasn't sure if the emergency referred to the car, their dinner or their dog, but all is well for now...

Until Next Time...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Thoughts...

During the days of Passover, it is common to talk about the Passover story and escape from bondage and what it means and meant to an ancient people to be free. It is also a time to remember those who suffer from oppression of any stripe today even as we celebrate to coming and bounties of Spring.

Though we live in a world unfathomable to ancient peoples, enslavement abounds. Individually, this can include addiction, overspending, workaholism, depression and a host of other problems. Collectively, it can mean political, economic or social disenfranchisement, all of which are occurring on this planet as I write.

Humans, it seems to me, possess uncanny abilities and large brains, most of which fail to be used as they should be. Those who doubt this have only to look at politicians, both modern and historical, and the in-fighting and posturing that constitutes so-called leadership. Examples from other arenas of life are unfortunately just as prevalent and too often as far-reaching in their consequences.

I am daily discouraged if not disgusted by the lack of progress made in dealing with human problems, many of which we bring upon ourselves or foist upon others with impunity. As an individual, there are many things which impact my life over which I've no direct control. I am left with the decision about my reactions to them and how those reactions will effect and shape my own behaviours in the present and future.

While much of my daily life is consumed by a series of mundane tasks, more of it is being directed outward as I search for ways to improve life on my patch and give something of my time and talents back to my larger community. Some might label these efforts altruistic. I see them as ethical and obligatory, both as a Jew and as a human being.

During this season, as we celebrate Spring, there is also a yearning that some have voiced as hope for a better world. Hope is futile, however, without action, and this is something none of us can afford to forget.

Until Next Time...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Passover and Easter

The air conditioning has been replaced in my flat. It was a six-hour job and the outage thankfully only lasted a day and a bit more. Only my unit was involved, so no-one else in the building had to sweat.

As last night was the beginning of Passover and tomorrow is Easter, I'd like to extend greeting to all who celebrate either tradition. For the rest of you, happy Spring. We are enjoying a bit of a cool down at the moment as far as weather is concerned.

I'll be posting again on Monday. Thanks to everyone who left comments. They were all appreciated.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Well, That's A Sweaty Predicament...

After three weeks absence, I wish I could say I hied off to some exotic destination...

The truth is, I underwent all off my necessary screenings, and having emerged with all good news, I'm firmly ensconced beneath my bedroom ceiling fan, sweating mightily until the AC repair person can put in an appearance. A contractor friend has already sussed out the situation--a problem with the compressor--which is on the building's rooftop.

It was a 'balmy' 86 degrees here today and it got up to 82 in the flat before I realised something was awry.

I think I'll try to sleep and dream of snow...

Until Next Time...