Friday, April 30, 2010

Tired But Re-Hired...

We finished the project at work last afternoon, a bit earlier than anticipated, so I am enjoying the three-day weekend and catching up with bills, the flat and other odd bits today. I was to have gone to lunch with a friend, but too many errands on the friends' end cancelled that, unfortunately. Now, I've two hours or so until the weekly grocery delivery arrives, laundry to put away and a nice Earl Grey Decaf, courtesy of Twinings of London, loading me with welcome antioxidants. If I could find this tea in whole leaf rather than bagged, I'd enjoy it even more.

The best news is that I've been re-hired for the next two weeks, and possibly the six weeks following which will bring me to the close of this company's seasonal work schedule. Though mentally demanding, all the work stays at the site, which means a day off is just as it should be, and my time is my own. It also means no work, no pay, so today, I am paid in the gift of time, and will enjoy the end of a French film I began two days ago, a new book and possibly, a nap. I'll also visit various blogs I've missed lately.

Until Next Time...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It Was A Dark And Stormy Day...

I know some of you are wondering whatever has happened over the last two weeks...
I got everyone's question(s) answered, so if you've not seen the responses, take a peek. Thanks to all who played along.

I've become a bit of a working drudge--up before the sun, at work by a bit after seven and home, often exhausted, by five. Household chores, animals and meal prep, PT, then early to bed and a night of often dreamless sleep. I do a half mile circuit round the business complex everyday during lunch. This gives me a bit of sun, a chance to escape my windowless work space and exercise. I do crunches and stretches in the evening from the comfort of my bed, missing the hospital machines and exercise regime all the while. In case you're wondering, I do plan on returning to the hospital when this is over, but the eight-hour day puts a drain on the energy and having gone to PT after work in the past, I was often so tired getting home that other necessaries were abandoned continuously, with unpleasant consequences for me.

The feline members of the household are not enjoying being alone during the day and register their irritation in small and very annoying ways, including leaving "presents" in my bed, chewing holes in favourite socks and deliberately waking me an hour earlier than is customary for their breakfast. If I didn't love the little blighters, they'd be up for adoption in a snap.

Errands and household stuff are accomplished piecemeal, and if I haven't answered the odd e-mail, I will. No problems regarding Godot in this workplace, which is lovely.

Other than getting some necessities for the flat, and the odd trim, I haven't planned anymore outings and rainy weather kept me inside today. I will miss the upcoming initiation into the international Library Honor Society, Beta Phi Mu, but it is one more small detail for the CV, whether I'm there or not.

Mundane life, innit???

Until Next Time...

Friday, April 2, 2010

So, What Would You Ask?

It's almost the weekend, and I've nothing fabulous to write about, so I thought I'd ask any interested readers the following: If you could ask me just one question, what would it be?

Of course, I do reserve the right not to answer if the question is deemed inappropriate, but I'm curious to see what your enquiries may be.

I'll leave this post up for the next few days. Those interested can pop in to see the answers.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Until Next Time...