Monday, August 28, 2017

Liquid Sunshine...For Days...

As a joke, my mother would often remark that our rain was "liquid sunshine." I did not fall for that but knew that rain kept things green and growing. If the amount of rain we've had where I live now is any indication, things should be verdant for a long time to come. It is raining as I write and has been for a while, putting a stop to the milling and re-paving of our parking area.

Because that was scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, my contractor decided to wait until the new asphalt was dry enough to drive on before returning to complete painting and flooring and a few smaller tasks. He and another gentleman worked on flooring for two days last week and have yet to finish the front room. My bedroom hasn't been touched at all and the transitional pieces for the front door and bedroom door remain to be installed. He did tape over the ends so that I could get around and have a clear path to the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as well as the doors leading to my cat's screened porch off the back. Things in the front room remain in disarray. I am not optimistic of a finish this week.

The upshot, however, is that I will have enjoyed the flat for more than a weekend and that includes some quiet as well as the ability to do chores and sleep in without having another underfoot. I was able to have a spur of-the-moment lunch out with a longtime friend on Saturday. Though I am fortunate to be in the home stretch, in my mind, this has now gone on for far too long. Perhaps I will get lucky. One never knows. I'll leave you with a photo of a brighter day.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

And Now...

Thanks for to my readers for all of the lovely comments. As I type, the place is topsy turvy as flooring is torn out, more being cut and laid and paint is drying. The bathroom and bedroom remain to be painted and cleaned and the cat is difficult to keep in as he wants to explore the mess. On top of this and other things, there is something going around and it has landed here. This is the end of week twelve. I had no idea when given the original estimate that things would take this long. I am taking to my bed until it too must be moved.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Kitchen 2017

Eleven weeks ago, my kitchen renovation began with some demolition as eighteen-year-old cabinets found a new home, and dead appliances were hauled away. You may remember this:

Now, there is:


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cancelled Appliance Delivery

This morning my builder learned that the delivery of my twenty-inch stove was cancelled by the appliance store. Apparently, when the box was opened before putting it on the truck, it was stainless rather than white, as I ordered. The refrigerator has yet to be located. These were ordered June 3. Why it has taken until today for someone to discover this mistake is beyond me.

The store has said the appliances will be here Thursday or Friday. If I wasn't coughing to the point of throwing up, I'd head to our home center's appliance department, buy another set of appliances and tell Famous whatsis to take a flying leap after getting a refund.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lost Refrigerator

The first week of June, I got a ride to a well known appliance dealer in my area with a friend. My contractor met us there and by the time I arrived, had shared his drawings and measurements with a sales person. The laundry center, refrigerator and stove were purchased and paid for in full that day and while the laundry center has been delivered after much pestering by the appliance store, the refrigerator has been either lost, sold from the warehouse or not ordered, as we found out today.

Though I still have my old one plugged in to a socket in the front room, it will no longer fit the existing space, so if my new refrigerator does not magically get "found," it will need to be re-ordered. Neither my builder nor I are happy with this turn of events, needless to say and after this experience, the store has lost any future custom from either of us.

As for me, I'm a bit of a snuffling, congested, coughing mess at the moment. All I really want is a nice cup of properly brewed tea and the quiet of a book.

Happily, in the scheme of things, this is simply an annoyance.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Post Birthday Head Cold...

I spent birthday evening having coffee with a friend who brought over some vegetarian enchiladas and my clean laundry. I got a wonderful arrangement of blooms and many cards, so while on the quiet side, it was enjoyable.

The washer-dryer unit has now been installed and I am awaiting the refrigerator and twenty-inch stove. The sink is now working and the countertops are almost done.

Amid all of this good news, I awoke yesterday with a head cold and today I feel like something a dog would not drag home. My contractor took one look at me and asked whether he should leave. I said no because frankly, I want this finished. This is now the eighth week of this project. He has now gone in search of a longer than normal hoody clamp for the sink with no guarantee of finding one. The backsplash remains to be done as well. Every day is an adventure with renovation. At least we are in the last stages and the work is good. I will never again take for granted the ability to boil water for a proper cup of tea or heat some soup.

We will see what tomorrow brings...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Number Fifty-eight...And Thirteen...

This year, I am foregoing my traditional birthday post which you can read here at Fifty-Seven.

Most birthdays pass amid good wishes, cake, or plans with friends. Thirteen years ago, however, I was a working woman and left my employer after putting in some weekend hours. En route to my destination, I pondered and then dismissed the idea of idea of not following through on what I planned. My heart over ruled my head, as it has many times, not all of them smashing successes.

Awaiting my arrival was a smart, funny and curious boy in a box whose eyes grew large upon hearing my voice. He did not yet have a name although his hold on my heart was secure. My gentle, "Hello sweetheart," was rewarded with a robust meow, as if to say, "I've been waiting patiently, now get me out of here!"

His persistence grew as we came up the walk to the front door and I placed the key in the lock. Once inside, things went awry quickly. I had every intention of following my vet's advice and placing him in my small bathroom so the other cats, all older females, could meet him slowly.

Having spent months in a cage as an orphan, he, however, was having none of that and made a mad dash beyond its confines just as the door was about to close, barreling around the front room and through the rest of the flat at breakneck speed. This, of course, alarmed the three divas, who scattered for cover immediately, incensed at not only his intrusion but complete lack of decorum.

I spent most of the next week alternately receiving bunts from his head into my hands, engaging in lap time and refereeing meals as I cuddled all four felines, hoping that they would all adapt and peace would be restored. It took two weeks for the hissing to cease and a good three months before all of them could occupy separate corners in the same room. I tried various monikers, and Jacob was the only one to which he responded, so it stuck. Never shy or skittish, Jacob was polite, never taking food that wasn't his, quietly petitioning for a pet or a cuddle by placing his paw on my nearest foot, and waiting until Samantha, the senior of the bunch, had settled herself before deciding where he would stay. Guard duty became his domain, as nightly he stationed himself at my feet, eyes on the door while the girls and I slept.

Always loving and devoted to me, he was and is a total lap cat. It wasn't until he became the only remaining feline in our home that I was fully able to appreciate the depth of our bond, something which still amazes and gives me pause. At almost sixteen, he is now quite elderly and facing the eventual shut down of his kidneys, a condition for which there is no cure or reversal. He is on special food and three daily medications as well as receiving regular subcutaneous fluids. He sleeps more often, but when awake, is quite active, playing with toys, enjoying his food and always alert to where I am and what is happening. He is a joy and the one birthday gift for which I'll be forever grateful.