Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Holidays!

Whatever and however you choose to celebrate, I hope your holidays are joyful and the New Year brings much happiness!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

No, I did not need a plumber...

I am still a bit congested and still coughing. Most of the holiday stuff has been done online and I am happy to know that I can now send gift cards digitally via Amazon bypassing any potential thievery from the post office.

Apart from that, my sleeping schedule has been strange since I am awake variably and the cat insists on waking me up at all hours. I am now convinced that he is so concerned that he checks for activity and if I awaken, then all will be well. He now sleeps at the foot of the bed rather than in his favorite chair in the front room.

Last night, our bedtime was delayed by a clogged toilet. Years ago a contractor told me that stubborn clogs in old pipes often respond better to intermittent plunging. I have found this to be correct and it avoids the nastiness that can come with an overflow from frequent flushing.

All eventually cleared within three hours and no plumber was needed, The mess was minimal and I was happy to have resolved the issue on my own.

Thomas Crapper has my lifelong appreciation.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Season is Upon Us...

Happily for me, the holidays are always moderate affairs and my gifts are almost done. I have three left and some donations. I will also get some cat nip and dog biscuits and do cards for the pen pals and some family and friends. I'm looking forward to Hanukkah dinner at a friend's at the end of the month and hopefully, the end of this cold.

Any shopping I've done has been online. It saves time and possible exposure to the hearty virus that has caused this cold. Truthfully, I'm not up to running around and braving crowds. I think this season, while it can be wonderful, breeds craziness, discontent and indebtedness. None of those appeal to me and I've never been one to give gifts for the sake of either getting something back or giving because it is expected.

My favorite part of this season is actually donating to others, usually anonymously.

What about you?

Sunday, December 8, 2019

A Re-post from this day in 2009

It's a rainy day in the neighborhood and I decide to duck into a nearby diner for the soup du jour. A regular for some years at this establishment, I know the owner, the handful of employees and a part-timer or two by name.

As I take a seat at the counter, extend greetings to the proprietor and glance at the door, a man carrying a small boy enters. After carefully arranging the child and his toys in a seat adjacent, he orders their lunches, then spends several minutes playing quietly with the boy.

My soup arrives, and after the first bite, I hear the man, a British expat, tell the waitress that he is going back to Europe for a visit. She, a high school graduate, responds, "Oh wow...Is Europe in England?"

I see the dimmest smile begin to creep across his he says with a wink:

"Well, not all of it, only the best bit."

Methinks our high schools need to re-tool their geography curricula, assuming they still teach that...

What do you think?

Good Morning...

It is 5:10 AM and thanks to my cat I am serving breakfast, heating up soup for me and generally feeling disgruntled. Why he demands food at this hour is beyond me. My coughing is the only thing breaking the quiet. Considering that I live mere feet from an eight-lane road with traffic in both directions, this is a rarity.

For the past few nights an owl has made its presence known outside my bedroom window. I find it comforting to know that nature exerts an upper hand even amid suburban neon. The trees here, which people complain about stupidly, enable his existence.

The day promises to be warmer than it has been and though cloudy, no rain is in our forecast. Yesterday was jacket weather, the kind I dream of during the summers here. I will get out for a bit of sun.

What will you do? Whatever that may be, enjoy.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Blowing, Coughing and Meeting The Locksmith...

Thanks for the wonderful holiday wishes. Unfortunately, it was a non-starter as yours truly remained in bed, coughing so badly that I could not eat. This week has been spent pushing fluids, expelling copious amounts of phlegm and sleeping with the aid of cold medicine.

The friend at whose home Thanksgiving dinner was held has been generous in supplying leftovers including a wonderful matzo ball soup containing chicken and vegetables and lots of beautiful broth.

As of now, I can complete most routine tasks and eat, so things are improving. The cat no longer casts worried looks in my direction and I can speak without interruption if need be. Soup remains my go-to liquid as the weather has cooled and my apartment is often noticeably chilly.

Waking hours, though few, have been spent with the mundane. At some point, my key ring went missing and despite an all-out search, remains so. Spare keys did not include those for the outdoor mailbox, so this morning I met with a locksmith and for the not inconsiderable amount of $100, I had both new lock and keys within the hour. I have no idea how exactly a woman who has not been beyond her walls except to take out garbage loses keys, but I'm fortunate to be able to remedy the situation quickly.

On another subject, my foray into paternal heritage has taken me back to parts of Europe I'd never suspected and points to patterns of both immigration and later migration southward I've yet to fully untangle. How many of you have ever known who your eighth great grandmother was? Much of my family history on this continent also takes me to another state, so I am attempting to visit its history during the American Revolution and before. I've also found who I believe to be the first among my ancestors to own slaves, a sobering realization. More will be revealed, of that I am certain.