Saturday, May 29, 2021

Thank You Mr. Reed...

Blogger and friend Steve Reed recently gifted me a piece of our mutual past which appears below. Though no date is indicated, if memory serves, it was written on a slow news day sometime in 1986. The pictured vehicle is his and dates from his high school days. By the time I met him, it was on its way to becoming a mobile rust bucket covered with bumper stickers to hide the spots and served as a source of  rather humorous inspiration. He had this column taped in the car until its demise and saved it. I am sorry it isn't a better and more readable copy.


Mea Culpa...

 When last I wrote, I awaited the COVID vaccine and was in the throes of what is termed death cleaning. Death cleaning when done as intended is meant to be a courtesy to those who are left the unenviable task of cleaning out an abode, sorting and dispensing with possessions and finding a home or homes for pets.

 In order to avoid the feeding frenzy of undesired relatives showing up with Penske trucks and hauling away everything they feel entitled to, as has happened in my family in the recent past, I figured I would leave detailed instructions and rid myself of unneeded papers or other items saving my executrix the trouble,

Mentioning jettisoned photos and other effects as well as my anxiety over the impending vaccine prompted two bloggers concern over my well being. I am sorry to have been the cause of such concern and assure you that I am no more nutty now than I was pre-vaccine. That said, I disagree with the claim that death cleaning sounds morbid.

Given the times and the fact that I remain more vulnerable than many to the effects of viruses including COVID, even with vaccines, and the fact that only fifty percent are currently vaccinated and most folks around here don't appear to exercise caution, I am not surprised that some vaccinated people are now showing up among newly diagnosed COVID cases.

Moving on, the Johnson and Johnson one and done shot was not a pleasant experience. Apart from soreness at the point of injection, my whole arm was pained intermittently for three days, followed by bouts of chills and extreme tiredness which took about four or five days to subside. I got up to go to the loo and deal with basic hygiene, fed the cat and heated soups. Period.

I'm glad that episode is over but wonder how long the benefits of this vaccine will last. For the time being, both the cat and I are calm carrying on.

Cheers and stay well.