Thursday, January 28, 2010

Theme Thursday: Felt Impressions

Each of these photos left a strong impression. Do they do the same for you?

Happy Theme Thursday. Until Next Time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

California 2010: Part II

Making our way from Orange County to the high desert of the Mojave and Fort Irwin where niece and family are stationed, was wondrous. It is always great to go from high density, traffic-laden areas to those that are comparatively less dense. As one winds into the high desert, the lack of population, buildings and vehicles exist in stark contrast to places left behind.

What one finds are an almost constant expanse of vistas; Mountains, rock formations and snow covered peaks, along with the varying browns and golds, blacks and tans dot the sparse but beautiful landscape. As you'll see in the photos, the day was bright and cool. With a three-hour trek each way, we were also privy to a glorious sunset.

The painted rocks near the entrance to Fort Irwin are placed there by the various units that come to the base for specialised training. These are just a few of the photos amassed during this trip.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highlights Of The California Trip: Part I

After leaving my flat at 5:30 AM, the Las Vegas-bound plane took off and made the connecting flight from Las Vegas to Orange County on time. The only glitch was that I was the last to board the connection, so seating was not the best.

Fearful of what airlines often do to chairs, I left Godot at home and took the heavier old fold up that gave me tendinitis prior to getting Godot. As I was pushed and did not self-propel, the prospect of further physical problems was eliminated. Once in OC, I rented a transport chair, which is lighter, easier to fold up and stow and relatively easy to get about in providing one is pushed as there are no wheels on each side that can be used to self propel.

Arriving at lunch time on Tuesday, I was ushered home to eat and unpack, then stepsister and I hied off to her nail salon. While not a place I normally visit, it was nice to feel a bit pampered following all of that flying. I should also point out that the life span of a polish job on me is about three days as I am not gentle on hands.

The next morning, it was off to the hair salon in an attempt to appear halfway human for my lunchtime rendezvous with Megan of All I Need Is Everything.

It was more than disconcerting to realise, once we arrived, that there are no ramps leading from the street to the inside of the building. I had to be pulled up the steps. The salon, located upstairs, had installed an electric chair that glides up and down, taking one person at a time, and the staff were very helpful in folding up and carrying the transport chair. The same cannot be said for the building's owners who apparently don't realise the potential for hazard, let alone laws regarding access. Had I traveled there alone, I would never have made it up those steps, and there are a boatload of issues and assumptions being made when such access is denied.

Lunch with Megan was wonderful. We went to Avila's, a family-owned Mexican restaurant not far from her place of work. The weather was so lovely we were able to sit outside enjoying a faint breeze and an afternoon free of haze from nearby LA.

I found Megan to be as delightful in person as she is on her blog. The only disappointment was that our time together was short as she needed to return to her office. We were so busy talking that neither of us thought about photos.

That evening found me in a fabulous Indian restaurant in Irvine, with stepsister and friend, called the Clay Oven. It was well worth the drive and my tandoori oven roasted eggplant was mouth-watering. The service was as divine as the food. If any of you enjoy Indian cuisine and find yourselves in or near Irvine, this is a dining experience.

Part II of the trip consists of many photos of the Mojave Desert, which is one of the most starkly beautiful places I've seen. Those will be posted as soon as I locate the camera.

In the meantime, sweet dreams!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Beautiful Blogger Friend...

I arrived home late last evening to a freezing flat that took several hours to heat. While the worst of the current Florida cold snap appears to have abated for now, we are told to expect more of the same next week.

In the interim, I am a bit under the weather, and my body clock is off kilter, so I will rest and post again later this week. I do have some fabulous tales and photos to share and I can report that Ms. Megan is every bit as personable and wonderful in the flesh as she is on her blog. I am only sorry that our time together was too brief.

I wish you all a brilliant week and look forward to posting some highlights of my trip in a day or so.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

California Bound...

I will be taking a bit of a break from blogging this week as I fly to California to see family, celebrate my birthday rather belatedly, catch up with old friends and meet a blogger pal.

My agenda includes a party, a museum trip, a well-reviewed play and a trip to the Mojave Desert. I am packing the camera. Have a great week and I'll see you all again soon.