Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Second Pandemic Birthday...

Tomorrow, I will be sixty-two. This is my second birthday during a pandemic and I am grateful to be alive and well. Despite being alone, the day will be marked and enjoyed. 


Sunday, July 25, 2021


 The weekend has been one of phone calls. Since I tend to leave my phone off when not in use, I was surprised to have three messages and a text on Friday. A call to a worried cousin relayed news of a terrible accident out west involving another cousin's wife who died after falling overboard from a fishing boat on a family vacation. Her family is stunned and planning a funeral they never anticipated.

A second message from my maternal uncle about the situation led me to try and call him back only to discover that in the interim, he had had a heart attack and undergone a cardiac catherization in a hospital near his home. He has been released and is enjoying some of the Olympic Games in Tokyo from the comfort of his living room, though weak and tired.

I feel for all concerned in both situations and though I will not be traveling anywhere and all are out of state, I will be writing. At times like this I wonder at the randomness of life and how anything for anyone can change in a heartbeat. I hope those who are traveling will be safe and remain well.