Sunday, October 17, 2021

Should I have gotten out of bed today ?

 Yes indeed. Both screws in my troublesome front caster decided to fall out today, leaving me at an odd angle and going nowhere since the small wheel was on the floor. Fortunately, I was in bathroom which is tiny and able to scoot onto the toilet lid where I could then collect the screws and caster from the floor, tilt the chair up toward my lap and attempt to put everything back together. For the moment all is as well as it can be. It is Sunday so of course my original vendor for this chair is closed.

FBK offered me the opportunity for what turned out to be a rather useless chat with a nameless individual who suggested I call the office tomorrow. Really? When I pointed out that the company website contains various "How To" vids for an assortment of problems with vans but nothing for wheelchairs, the response of, "That is a good idea, I will pass that on," struck me as being a bit late in the game. This company started selling chairs in the eighties and we've had internet and social media for long enough that someone at that mobility company might have thought for more than two seconds about this. Perhaps, as with many things, this idea has been suggested and rejected from another source. Either way.  I am not getting my hopes up.

Strangely, because I almost never eat it, I wanted oatmeal today. That seems a funny thing to eat with temperatures still in the mid-eighties. However, I happily followed the microwave instructions, awaiting a comforting bowl topped with banana and a few berries. The resulting explosion took more time to clean up than the oatmeal did to eat and if I deign to make it ever again it will be in a pot on the stove. Slow cooking has its advantages. 

Thanks to those of you who shared links for recipes of vegetarian Pho. I look forward to further investigation. No tofu will be involved.

Happy Sunday...

Friday, October 15, 2021

Pho Anyone??

I am looking for a good vegetarian version of Pho, Vietnamese soup in which the broth is traditionally meat-based. I'm also making my split pea soup and possibly some matzo ball if I get to it. My throat is scratchy and I have been short on sleep because Lukas has been waking me up between one and two in the morning. This means I don't typically get back to sleep until sunrise, if at all. While he is doing reasonably well, I am tired and very sorry that my posts have been lacking.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.