Sunday, September 22, 2019


I've been up and attempting domesticity since 6 AM when a certain someone of the feline persuasion demanded his breakfast. Three loads of laundry later, I have also sorted out the bathroom shelves and drawer and will do the same for the desk in  my bedroom. While he enjoyed organic salmon cat food, I had parsnip soup gifted me by a friend and skilled cook last evening. 

Yesterday was a whirlwind of errands in the afternoon. The first stop was my go-to for fresh produce which is pictured below. I can buy as much or as little as I please, take my own bags and inspect before purchasing. For $22, I got bag of zucchini, carrots, broccoli, crookneck squash, spaghetti squash, a couple each of lemons and oranges, sweet and red potatoes and a cucumber along with chard and chopped cabbage.

My Aldi purchases included cat litter, avocado oil, organic greens, various frozen items and some chicken for less than $49. Considering that I shop about twice per month, that isn't bad. I've cut down on shopping time, expense and transportation costs. Additionally, though I've always been adept at cobbling meals together, there is now very little waste from my refrigerator or pantry.

One of several stops included my favorite health food store which I was sad to learn is closing permanently at the end of the month. I'm not sure why a city and county this size cannot sustain such an enterprise going forward. Perhaps too much has grown up around it. Both of our independent bookstores met the same fate. 

Tomorrow I will prep food, make salad and cook, hoping that what emerges from the slow cooker will feed three as I expect company one evening this week.

Meanwhile, I have no further news about the condominium except a brusque brushoff from our property manager when I asked about the outcome of an appraisal that was to have been done. That is one person I would not mind seeing the back of but that is about as likely as me landing on the moon.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


As my cough fades, I am organizing accommodation for Lukas and myself as both of us need to vacate our home for a few days in October due to a scheduled tenting and extermination for termites.

Funnily enough, my exterminator checks during his visits and has told me several times that there is no new damage that he can see in my unit. Apparently, all the action is upstairs in the apartment with the roof leak and mold problem.

Preparing and packing up, getting keys cut and emptying the refrigerator and freezer as well as any other open consumables takes a fair bit of work for which I'll enlist help.

Today though we had an afternoon rain, complete with what a friend calls rolling thunder. For a while, the heavens erupted, saturating whatever lay beneath. Tomorrow, the grass will need mowing, a job I am happy not to be obliged to do.

As a young person, I once attempted to cut grass on the riding mower belonging to my maternal grandfather. I thought I put forth a decent effort until he alas complained that his grass was more wavy than a hula girl's hips.

Wishing you all a good evening...

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Catch Up...

I've been meaning to post for days.My cough, congestion and tiredness have returned with a vengeance. Not sure why but I'm beginning to feel like a cold magnet. 

There was the hurricane, a birthday party, a trip to the dentist, grocery shopping and lunch out with an interfaith women's group before any new symptoms asserted themselves. My massage therapist and several others have also been sick.

Coughing seems to trigger my gag reflex, never a pleasant experience. 

Aside from this, my genealogy interest led me to a mystery which will likely never be solved. The man who would have been my paternal grandfather died at age 22, leaving a younger widow and baby. When asked, my mother said that he had died in a drunken car crash, a story told to her by her first husband. The same story was shared with his second wife and another of his children and I'm assuming the third wife and the remaining children as well.

Interestingly, however, upon sharing information about my lineage with the historical society in another state, the president of the organization is a distant cousin and shared two stories he had heard from family members about this death, neither of which has anything to do with a car crash.

The first involves family members, a dispute about stolen cattle and a shooting while the next concerns a self-inflicted gunshot during a family card game. I don't mind telling you that I found these accounts disturbing on a number of fronts. Who wants to be part of a family in which members shoot each other? Additionally, coming from a well known family in a small community, why would a suicide be any less scandalous than possible murder?

Neither the death certificate nor the obituary hint at either scenario. The certificate, signed by his brother who reported the death, a doctor, an undertaker and a clerk, states the cause as coronary occlusion which is basically either a clot or atherosclerosis. Acute indigestion is also mentioned. No autopsy notes are included and people during that era were under no mandate to even get a death certificate. Nor was there much known about heart problems eighty years ago.

Was there a cover up?

Only the dead know...