Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Lie? All I Need Is Beer!

The above was spotted on the sign of a pan handler in this part of the world...What strikes me about this are two things. Firstly, the numbers of pan handlers, both men and women, appear to be increasing, despite governmental prognostications to the contrary. Many are still without work, and others, like this sign holder, may be in the grip of personal problems so profound that they cannot manage to keep a job. I wonder when the continual fraying of social and community services will finally give way, filling our streets and corners with more people who have exhausted personal resources and plead for respite in whatever form they can find it?

I'm also thinking about the loss of life among addicts and alcoholics, most recently Amy Winehouse. Her death is no surprise given her public battle with addiction and her resistance to rehab, but it is tragic. She had a voice and the talent to make it heard across the world. That it has been silenced is yet another lesson about the frailty of life and the harrowing truth of addiction.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ouch...Inadvertently Out Of Circulation

I meant to post sooner, but things got a bit beyond me. Physiotherapists have since May, attempted to address a chronic back problem which developed following an auto accident several years ago. Unfortunately, these are not the therapists who originally dealt with and stabilized the problem, and there has been much hot air expended, and theories pontificated upon, despite my repeated attempts to get the deep massage needed to undo knotted soft tissue that will spasm painfully if not dealt with. I have already had a flare up during this  process and have had more e-stim and ultrasound than at anytime during prior treatments. The latest, traction, appears to have had no effect.

I am tired, frustrated and growing distrustful of my current treating facility as they seem to be guessing at the causes rather  than basing opinions on information that is readily available in medical and physiotherapy publications, which I read. The physio wants an MRI which the doctor feels is unnecessary.

Tomorrow, I'm calling the DPT who worked on me last year. I was pain-free after three weeks with her. I'll have to pay out-of-pocket, but it may well be the only choice I've got.