Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year

 My tradition for many years has been Hoppin' John, greens and tomatoes as a first meal on New Years Day. This is a southern tradition from the Carolinas. I was taught that the peas, which are actually a legume or bean, symbolize coins, the greens, dollars and the tomatoes, health. My version is without meat.

Paying homage to humble yet filling foods if one is lucky to be alive and well in these crazy COVID times is fortune in itself. 

Cheers, happy 2022 and may everyone be well.


 Wishing all of you a healthy and happy 2022!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Proudly Done and Dusted...

 It was rainy and much cooler last evening than in recent days. We got into the forties and the rain washed the heat from the cracks in the sidewalk. Today has been sunny and mild, with more of the same predicted. I enjoy having the windows open as I am up and about.  Sleep has been fitful with Lukas arising to demand breakfast  at 3 AM regardless of the time we go to bed. This has caught up with me. At almost sixty-three, I can no longer tolerate late nights without a lack of energy or loss of function and living in the times we do, that is simply unwise. I have already experienced a scratchy throat which with sleep has retreated, fortunately.

The highlight of the afternoon was unpacking the new casters and axel and spacers for my chair, assembling tools and calling for a walk through. Happily, the gentleman I needed was available and all went smoothly. The casters feel so much better and nothing is out of place or falling off and I once again glide freely. A new seat, called a sling, in the world of wheelchairs, has been ordered and will also be replaced by yours truly. I feel a wee bit proud at this moment.

From some of the comments on my previous post, I can tell that wheelchair maintenance is not a topic most of my readers know about. Chairs have parts which wear out and need to be replaced. Front casters, forks, axels and spacers are among the most common. Seats or slings as they are known, sag with constant use, tires and rims, spokes, brakes and foot plates also require regular attention. One of you rather humorously enquired whether you caused my caster problems when pushing me over railroad tracks in 2013. Nope. Since then, I've gone through many sets of casters. Until COVID 19 made its nasty appearance in 2020, I was serviced regularly. Now, I will be changing out what I can when I can for cash. The two hundred twenty I spent is hardly chump change though when compared to the quote of 474 by my original chair vendor who pays technicians to make visits to homes, schools and hospitals, it may seem so. Needs must. as the saying goes, and right now, doing this without having to physically deal with another human in my space is in my best interest.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Taking Things In Hand...

 I  have been on the phone much of the afternoon and evening. My replacement castors, spacer and axel kits have been ordered and will be here on Monday. Thanks to the company which built my titanium chair frame, I got the serial numbers and parts numbers needed and a referral to an online vendor for the parts. After speaking with them, I also have some how-to videos and a schematic as well as someone to call and offer to walk me through should I encounter difficulties at the time of installation. Dave at DME Hub was very helpful. We shall see...

This situation has also brought home the need for a second chair which will be the next thing I research and which could take a bit of time to do properly as there are many chairs and features to consider as well as one's budget, daily use, travel and more. As it will be out-of-pocket, all must be carefully thought through.

Any and all good thoughts would be appreciated.


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Still Alive...

 My sleep schedule has been topsy-turvy again and I simply haven't had any urge to write lately. I was able to complete my holiday tasks early and enjoy some Chanukah programming online the first few days of the month and though I did not attend my friend's festivities which included 30 people, she nonetheless gifted me with latkes and two types of homemade soup, neither of which contained matzoh balls.

The first was a peanut soup which I thoroughly enjoyed while the latter was her version of minestrone. That was so good I ate all of it for dinner one evening. Both she and her husband cook and it is always fun to eat whatever they prepare. She loves to try a variety of new recipes, hence the peanut soup. She is also musical, and so was gifted with some international music and Ladino Chanukah tunes while he is a science fiction fan. I had a harder time locating his book than her music.

My matzoh ball soups come from a mix which is now conspicuously absent from my grocer although it is available online at exorbitant pricing. This leads me to suspect that some of the so-called supply chain issues people have been discussing are quite possibly contrived.

The problems with my front castors have worsened and now both need to be replaced. I will see if the manufacturer can help and whether how to videos and a list of tools are available. With Delta surging and Omicron arriving, I am less than thrilled at having my vendor's technician do a house call and with only one chair, if these are not replaced, I am screwed.

The weather has been mild and variously cloudy, foggy or hazy with a hint of sunny thrown in to keep folks on their toes. I have been busily bolstering my immune system with vitamin D and Zinc and eating a lot of greens.

Additionally, I've watched and read a few interesting items which I'll happily discuss in a future post.

Wishing you the best of the season, a hearty meow from the resident feline and continued health.