Saturday, June 11, 2022

It was a No-Go...

 I spent part of yesterday on the phone to the Telfair County Clerk of Court in an attempt to discover any records for a 2x great grandfather who lived there in 1900. Unfortunately, no help was to be had as I was told records of that time would require hand searching which I cannot do. I recently contacted Ancestry to ask for help from their network of professionals and await contact from a genealogist. The Clerk of Court representative did tell me she did not think divorce records went back that far but I shall see. It was unusual for people to divorce in that time period and would have been a bit of a scandal in the South. I would really like to know who his parents were and how far back this line goes as it is ending when my maternal uncle dies since his son pre-deceased him and did not have a chance to have children.

The criminals mentioned in my previous post are present day and are felonious drug traffickers according to what I read and not people I am itching to know. My grandfather and his dad would be dismayed. The remainder of this large group of cousins all appear to lead normal lives. No telling what will be next...

Thursday, June 9, 2022


 Lukas and I have been busy. He at the cat hospital for his fluid appointments and me with various projects around our abode. One corner of the front room is slowly taking on the appearance of a small hoard of cardboard boxes. Since our recycling has gone, I've no choice but to flatten and bin them which I think is a waste. Most of what comes in is consumable, so I have no other hoards and the plan is to use some of the boxes to clear out the two closets, some drawers, the kitchen stuff and some photos and books as well as an old iMac and possibly a desk. 

I also need to clean my chair, sort out my front casters yet again and make sure my hurricane supplies are in order. Groceries are due later this morning, a small order of 10 items and a cat order for food and litter.

Otherwise, I have been reading, and doing the usual home related things as well as resuming work on the family tree. More cousins have been added from my maternal grandfather's family. some of whom are living. A few appear to be criminals according to the news and law enforcement in their locality.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.