Friday, May 29, 2020


We've finally had the harbinger of our rainy season this week, a couple of evenings of lightening and rattling windows as buckets poured down. The latest of these is only now subsiding. 

It has been a miserable week out in the world with regard to current events. I wonder sometimes why the human lust for power, attention, dominance and the need for control--and all of the isms which arise from that never abate. I am exhausted and heartsick simply hearing the news. Despite my relative lack of social media and a reluctance to write about things over which others fulminate endlessly, I can safely and simply say that any residual respect I may have harbored for this country is about gone. Perhaps being inside has finally taken its toll...

Aside from the emotional toll of the week,  life inside has been fairly mundane. Lukas and I play, nap, cuddle, eat, listen to music, try out new podcasts, tidy, read, do the laundry, sing in the shower and meditate, with and without Zoom. Yoga and weights, stretches and the heating pad, though not as thorough or practiced as a massage therapists hands, are helping keep my pain level down.

I've hit the genealogist's proverbial brick wall with a second great grandfather. Long dead, he was no-one's favorite father, uncle, brother or son. His daughters and ex-wife, who divorced him when to do so brought scandal down on a woman's head, dropped his last name. One of his daughters went so far as to describe herself as the daughter of her father-in-law on census forms, presumably out of respect for the man.

La cuisine has been the scene of several attempts at casseroles this week, most notably a baked rice, chicken and broccoli dish. I did a good job and it was so good that company would enjoy it. If ever I can entertain again, I'll give it a whirl.

Thanks for all the kind words on my previous post.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Gorgeous Day...

And a reminder that life can be fleeting...My cousin Mike would be 55 today...He died at 23 in 1989...

 The top photo was taken in 1984 at our grandparents 50th anniversary party. The bottom picture is my birthday in 1969 at our grandparents.

Killer Cleaning...

It has taken me two days of cleaning and swiffering the kitchen and bathroom to get this place tidy. It isn't that I'm messy, things just take longer to do. I wiped down my chair, got most of the fur off the chairs and love seat, took the hand vacuum to the floors in the hall and front room, then did the bedroom before mopping the kitchen and bathroom. There is no way I can clean the stupidly unsealed dirty grout on my kitchen floor. Dusting is another problem, especially for stuff on walls. All in all, much better for the effort. Bills have been paid and deposits made.

I miss this, but life is good. How are you doing today?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Noisier yet?

As I begin, the faint strains of Don Mclean's song, Vincent, echo in my courtyard. Our condominium has had workers here throughout quarantine, one of whom likes to fill the world outside with whatever his radio can offer. I suppose birdsong and the rustle of slightly swaying leaves cannot compete with soft rock and commercials. Watching a bird alight on the foliage just outside my sitting room window, I  wonder whether these human noises hasten its departure... 

Noise has increased since our gradual opening began last week. The volume and sounds of klaxon, horns and motors along the major road beyond my front door is but one example. While it is not yet where it was prior to our shelter in place orders, I do long for the quiet, especially in late afternoon if I am attempting to nap or read.

The TBR list is shrinking rapidly as I'm now finishing two to three books per week, spending less time online despite video chats and Zoom gatherings and working on family history.

Bur for an emergency, I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

What about you?

Monday, May 11, 2020


A few weeks ago, I called my elderly maternal uncle. Coming into his life when he was in his teens, he has always treated me like another daughter and despite pronounced differences in our politics and worldview, he is kind and shows it. So during the conversation when he indicated a desire to once again be in contact with his first wife's remaining family in the UK, I jumped at the opportunity to help. 

His first wife he met in England in the very early sixties while stationed there in the US Air Force. The two met on a double date. She was in the Royal Air Force at the time but dating and falling in love promised her a different fate than that to which she originally aspired. Just a month after their wedding in England, my uncle and his new bride found themselves stateside at a new assignment in South Carolina, where in late May of 1965, a ginger-haired boy arrived, becoming despite a six-year age difference, a favorite cousin to me. Originally from Scotland, his mother was a petite redhead and he her spitting image. Five years and many duty stations later, a cute brunette with her father's eyes was born in Japan, making the family complete. Unfortunately, their mother would see neither child into adulthood because she died of cancer at age 39 in 1981.

Nomadic as life could be for military folks, my uncle always made and maintained friendships and kept in contact with his wife's family, even visiting them well into a second marriage that has now spanned almost forty years.

Those who know me well also know of my penchant for sleuthing, so all uncle had to do was say he wanted to find someone and I was immediately intrigued. With the correct name and location, which wasn't what he told me originally, I was able to track down this sister-in-law via a bowler's group Facebook page for her locale. The detailed personal message I left was seen by a friend of hers in the group and once one of the daughters in that family contacted me via email, I supplied uncle's current information and he got a working phone number and called, just in time for this woman's seventy-fifth birthday. Both were tickled and photos have since been exchanged. 

Looking at a photo of this woman reminded me so much of my cousins' mother that tears welled for a bit. I went through my albums recently and found just a few snaps of my boy cousin who has sadly been gone since 1989, sending them to the UK online.
A favorite is below. Cheers and stay well.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

1918 and 2020

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 10 May 2020

The typewriter may be gone but otherwise this is eerily similar to current life for many of us. There is a poem by Kitty  O'Meara written on her blog, The Daily Round, that has gone viral along with the misinformation that it was originally written in 1869 and re-circulated in 1918 during the Spanish Flu pandemic. According to Reuters, O'Meara actually penned the poem and has been interviewed about it.

It is a lovely piece which I won't place here. You can visit the Daily Round blog for March 16, 2020 and have a read. O'Meara is a wonderful writer and in fact has several poems devoted to life during this pandemic, all of which resonated with me.

Happy Mothers Day to those who nurture!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Here and Now...

Thank you to everyone who left kind words on my last post. They are all appreciated.

I have been reading, writing, catching up with loved ones by phone and video chat, doing my best to keep my place clean and tidy, stretching and and doing all I can to stay positive. Zoom gatherings have become the norm and I have been doing some wheelchair yoga and meditation.

Sleep remains an unconquered issue. I'm still having problems staying asleep or at times falling asleep, so sometimes any attempt at a daily schedule is somewhat hampered, as is my physical functioning. Guided imagery helps with sleep somewhat and for that I am grateful. Past use of medication for this were not successful.

I will resume posting and visiting as I can and wish you all continued health and happiness. I leave you with a favorite image from years ago that still resonates with me.