Friday, February 17, 2012

Mama, What's That?

So came the question followed by a pint-sized kid of about four pointing at me. I stayed quiet and waited for the bus, my nose deep within Nigel Slater's boyhood biopic, Toast. The mother sat down, looked her child in the eye and replied, "That is a wheelchair. The lady sitting in it uses it to get around like other people we know use bikes to go places and do things."

I half expected a follow up question such as, "But why is she in that? That question, however, wasn't asked as apparently the child, satisfied with her mother's initial answer, said, rather astutely, "Her arms must get tired even if her legs don't."

Don't you just love little kids for being able to get to the heart of things so quickly? I also tip my hat to this mother, who, rather than flinching, pulling her child away or squirming, answered in a straight forward manner. Interestingly, neither she nor her child said anything about disability or not being able to do things the way walking folk do, which is more often what I hear in these situations. The emphasis was on getting around and doing, which these days, I do in spades.

While I should apologise for not scribing here of late, the things that have kept me away are necessary, if not always enjoyable. My efforts in the gym have left me tired but a few pounds lighter, a trend I hope continues. Though I harbour no aspirations of being stick thin, I do enjoy getting stronger and more flexible.

Watching the occasional pick up game on the court is added scenery.

Until Next Time...