Thursday, May 17, 2018


Watching the sky slowly stew before graying 
I felt 
Before seeing,
tiny droplets pelt
the surface of my shoulders.
First shy, then insistent,
a lover's fingers
brushing, then caressing skin,
drawing a surprised breath
at the mysteries of full embrace.

Poem and Photo By E.
 Originally published March 1, 2009

Monday, May 14, 2018


It has been black and dismal today due to continuing rain that is slated to last for several days. I'll be getting out in it tomorrow for a PT appointment. The back and hip pain is resolving slowly. Since this is a chronic problem, the best that can be done is to stabilize it for now, keep stretching, work on my core strength and hope that I can stay ahead of any pain with massage.

My current therapist uses a variety of modalities including Myofascial Release which is proving helpful. The second-hand table I purchased is new and comfortable and came with a set of very soft sheets. My next adventure will be to research how to ratchet down the inflammation in various areas of my body naturally. I've used ice, heat and movement for years as well as massage. My rather rudimentary chair yoga routine also seems to help a bit.

Lukas appears quite settled and has begun sleeping with me for small amounts of time. His evening routine now includes extra grain-free food and playtime designed to let us both slumber past 4 AM, the magic hour for feline antics.

Apart from PT and my normal errands, a new friend and I met up last week for a visit to a small neighborhood bookstore. A fixture in this area, and woman-owned, it is sadly on the verge of closing. Interestingly to me, I find its inventory of used books much more fun to dig around in than the new, glossier tomes offered at a nearby corporate establishment that comes complete with Starbucks.

The owner of the smaller store can and does order new books upon request and I have for years obtained gift certificates to give as presents for my tribe of bibliophiles. I will be doing so in the coming week and hoping all interested and gifted parties can get to the store before it is shuttered.

In closing, I would like to discuss the varied reactions to my previous post. Some of you very clearly understood where I was going while others took my remarks to be a condemnation of someone's personal choices. I viewed the situation as a cautionary tale for women in particular because so many of us end up with a pittance in old age, something that sadly, my now deceased friend will never see. I loved her and will miss her   but she is an example of why I think girls and women need more financial education. Women tend to make less than men and financial choices are often more than just numbers because they have real consequences attached to them. If any of you remain offended by this, so be it.

Until the rain stops...

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Price I Pay ...

I am amply endowed. There was no surprise in my recent screening mammogram except to note the radiologist's concern that very small tumors might go undetected because of dense tissue. Still, he did not recommend either a diagnostic screening or an ultrasound and simply wrote that I should return yearly.

My next adventure will be with the vampires in the lab. Though I attempted to schedule an appointment for this blood draw prior to the mammography, inefficiency reigned, and I was informed that I could not make an appointment at the lab in person but instead needed to call the number on the lab request form. I could, however, show up as a walk-in and wait, provided I was fasting and had not eaten for at least eight hours prior to the draw. Had I been informed of this by the nurse or doctor at my previous appointment, I'd have skipped breakfast the day of the mammogram. This is yet another appointment and more money for transport that I will need to schedule. Then, there is a gynecological exam in November, along with another dental visit, ongoing massage and any needed PT. At some point, a colonoscopy and eye exam await.

In the meantime, I look forward to a massage and Saturday lunch among some smart women.

How about you?