Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Theme Thursday: Halloween

This bunny costume is one of the few Halloween photos in my collection. The costume was made by my mother from old curtains and featured both floppy ears and a cotton tail. The pumpkin carving was a first effort as well. We walked the neighborhood without worry, something few children do today.

I remember feeling very hot, thanks to the year-round humidity.

Because there are no kids where I live now, few do much to mark Halloween.
One notable exception is my neighbour, who states that Halloween is her favourite time in the fall. The mannequin heads, wigs, masks and make-up above adorn her front window and face the street. They are published here with her permission, and I think they are wonderfully creative and fun!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Theme Thursday: Traffic

Photo by E. June 4, 2009.
There is nothing I dislike more than traffic;
It isn't picturesque;
Clogging our byways
and speaking to our
false adoration of all things automotive.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Things People Ask...

Baino has been kind to include me in a recent neme. This one gives a person four topics on which to expound, ostensibly so readers will get a further glimpse into the inner workings of that individual. Mind you, this might get a bit wacky, but here goes:

HEALTH: The one thing none of us can live well without, but most take for granted. I am not in the latter category largely because I live to surprise and annoy my doctors, something I've been doing since my early and unexpected arrival on the planet...

Today, I am strong, healthy and motivated to stay that way until my last breath, despite chronic concerns. This does not make me a heroine or mean that I'm endowed with super human qualities. It simply means I try to make the best choices possible.

Right now, I'm exercising, attempting to lose a few pounds and making decisions about professional goals and affiliations...

HAPPINESS: This goes hand-in-hand with health in my mind. It also means enjoying one's friends, both animal and human, and paying attention to those things that nurture spirit, relationships and community.

FELINES: I have three, two middle aged, and one geriatric. All have health issues. Despite these, they play, keep me laughing and sometimes keep me awake when I'd rather not be, but I wouldn't trade any of them. They own me, not the other way round.

TRAVEL: Being raised an ex pat meant a lot of this in my childhood and adolescence. I've lived in Panama, Columbia, Mexico and the United States, and traveled in Europe and other parts of Latin America. Sadly, my passport has lapsed, a situation I hope to remedy in a few weeks. As an Adult Third Culture Kid, the legacy of these experiences has left me with a case of itchy feet, something I did not fully understand until I began reading about the characteristics of ATCK's several years ago. It is no accident that I love languages and dream of Paris.

More can be said but I'll leave it there for now.

Until Next Time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Molas And More...

A Kuna Mola Panel

Kuna women in everyday dress

Molas may be simple or intricate and multicoloured

The Kuna are one of several indigenous groups found in the Central American nation of Panama. They live off the coast on a series of islands known to outsiders as the San Blas. The Kuna themselves refer to their home and its comarcas as Kuna Yala. Part of an archipelago of 365 islands along Panama's coast, approximately 36 of these are inhabited by the Kuna, with another 13 Kuna communities found on the mainland coast. The total land area of Kuna Yala is 924 miles and the population about 70,000 as of 2006.

Kuna Yala also contains a biosphere known as the PEMANSKY preserve. Autonomous, the Kuna have their own General Congress, and three votes in Panama's National Assembly. For all of its beauty, Kuna Yala and its inhabitants must contend with continued de-forestation and slash and burn methods by ranchers and farmers who encroach on Kuna preserves.
Molas, such as those pictured here, lie at the heart of the tourist trade for the Kuna, as do some lodges available for travelers. A women's collective makes and sells molas, which are sold as panels, blouses, small coin purses or other things. Some of my collection is shown in this post.
Below are some interesting links you might want to check out:
A page from a website I created for a class in 2006:
You can visit the homepage and access all the links to remaining pages here:
These pages were still actively linked when I checked earlier today.

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Theme Thursday: Collections

Molas from Kuna Yala, off the coast of Panama.
These are worn as clothing by the women and panels like this one are sold to tourists.
My cats...Angel here is the eldest of the lot.

I don't usually keep many unless they were gifts. I tend to lend or give them away and use the library.

Art from Panama,
Mexico and elsewhere.
A minimalist by nature, I don't tend to collect, but the items here are favourites, largely because they reflect who I am and where I spent my childhood.
This is a perfect segue into my next post...
Happy Theme Thursday!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

And, The Answer Is...

If any of you read Baino's post from Reuters spoofing the Nobel Prizes for various things and had taken a bit of a hint, you might have realised that the postcard is from Stockholm, Sweden.

It depicts the hall in which the Nobel Prizes are awarded. The Golden Hall as it is known is created from mosaic pieces in 23 karat gold cast in glass and each piece is the size of a finger nail.

The artist for the mosaic, as noted on the card, is Einar Forseth (1892-1988). While the Golden Hall may be his best known work, Forseth is also recognised for alter pieces, murals, sketches, stained glass windows, wall and ceiling paintings and for composing and decorating porcelain dinnerware. The Golden Hall was completed in 1923.

Those interested can find a larger photograph of the Golden Hall at:

While Otin's guess was perhaps the funniest, Val's comment that it looks like a mosaic is spot on. My thanks to all of you who stopped by. The postcard dates from 1970 and was sent to me by my parents.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Where Is This?

Any world travelers out there??? If so, let's see if you can correctly identify the place depicted here. This post was inspired by the latest at Baino's Banter.

The answer will be displayed in tomorrow's post. Have fun and Happy weekend to all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Theme Thursday: Flight: Short and Sweet

Photo by M. Crane, 2008. Published by Permission.

Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings.

~Victor Hugo