Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Past Three Weeks

Those of you still glancing this blog may be wondering where I've been for the past three weeks.

My homecoming from the hotel was hectic, but I had wonderful help. A couple from my new synagogue fetched me and then stayed until late afternoon to wash dishes, pots and pans and everything else one uses to prepare and consume food. My cleaner also came and cleaned and tidied from top to bottom.

It took all of the dishes being brought out and washed for me to realise that the decision I skirted for months, namely, finding a new home for some of the china, was a necessity. Fortunately, one of those helping me knew a young family that could appreciate and care for it, so arrangements were made and it was packed up and subsequently delivered.

There is only so much room in a small flat, and I still have lovely things. The extra space will make it easier to use what I've kept. I also thinned out the clothes closet and pantry, with some things going to charity and our food bank.

The cats returned from boarding late on a weekday with all of their respective belongings, and took a day or so to adjust to being home. Both were delighted to see me and are now up to all of their old tricks.

The following week, which held the anniversary of my mother's passing, was marked quietly. Our relationship was complicated, and even after a distance of fifteen years, some feelings are difficult to tease out, let alone attempt to explain here. I always do something in her memory, which was why I grew and donated my hair originally, but I am at a loss to know what I'll do this year.

While at the hotel, my wonderful friend Steve, whom I've known since college, came from London to visit family and friends. We had a wonderful day out and a lot of fun despite some unexpected events, including me falling from my chair into a cross walk when we hit a trolley track and some uneven pavement. I'll write more about our adventures once the few photos I got before the camera's battery died have been retrieved. You can read Steve's account of the day at his blog. He's got a great eye for photography and is a keen observer of life. The experience of being with someone who uses a wheelchair was new for him and I appreciated that he was willing to share his thoughts.

Apart from this, my birthday looms and I am looking forward to sharing it with friends after services on Friday evening. I'll post again tomorrow and thanks for your visits during my hiatus.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


As you can see, I've got an assistant to aid with packing who has unfortunately fallen down on the job. He would rather nest and give himself a good grooming than get out of the way so I can get on with it. 

Perhaps he thinks that by lounging in this way he'll prevent me leaving but what he does not yet know is that he and his friend will both depart before I do, along with all of their respective accouterments.

Tis the season when people pack for holidays--usually of their own design and the destination is generally somewhere they desire. This is not anything resembling that. Animals and humans must get out since our flats will undergo whole structure fumigation at mid week.

With more notice, I might have arranged a beach side B and B and actually had a mini get away...

This feels vaguely like bolting, though I fortunately have limited experience with so-called bolt holes in that most places I've gone have been those that I've chosen and enjoyed.

The most recent of these was an overnight stay at a beach side hotel south of here featuring thirties-era cabanas which had been modernized. I was able to see a cousin and two of my mother's aunts for dinner and it was an enjoyable evening. That was almost two years ago.

This hotel is rather non-descript and despite the friendliness of its staff, it is surrounded by other bland elements of homogeneous suburbia, including a small strip mall and a well known discount store that people flock to in droves. It is a mile from my flat and within two miles of the veterinary hospital at which the cats will board. There is a pool, provided it is not raining, and daily continental breakfast. Beyond that, I'll be on my own for meals and entertainment.

I hope to meet up with a long time friend who now lives in  England. I may not have access to a computer, so blogging and e-mail may have to wait until I return at the weekend.

Wishing you all a great week...