Wednesday, November 27, 2019


To all of those who will celebrate, a Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be among dear friends who have recently suffered a loss. That they are opening their home and hearts so soon says a lot. I will be taking belated birthday gifts for a combined celebration and wishes for a cozy and comforting time.

Wishing you all the same.


Friday, November 22, 2019

The World Just Lost Another Good Man...

I am a bit chocked up this afternoon. One of my dearest friends and her family just lost her dad last evening. I received a call from her husband a few hours ago and the news has yet to settle on me.

George was one of the kindest, most gentle persons I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Combined with a strong intellect, honesty and a desire to minister, he fled the confines of Methodist theology for work and life among Unitarians. He was equally at home and accepted among his daughter and son-in-law's small Reform congregation where she and I met several years ago.

Upon being introduced to him, I asked with a slow smile whether I should call him Reverend. He returned the smile with a twinkle in his eye, saying simply, "Just call me George."

Already dealing with the declines that come with Parkinson's, George loved to read widely, and had an off-beat sense of humor and the gratitude to embrace life no matter the circumstances. 

I will miss our visits, his stories and adventures of a life well lived and choosing cards to send him knowing that one of the small still-cherished pleasures of his life was getting mail.

He leaves my world a richer place both in his example of a kind and peaceful spirit and in the friendship of his remaining family.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Beautiful Day...

Thanks to an Arctic blast our temperatures here have come down to chilly. After a record-hot October, we are overdue.Errands, chores and my paternal family tree have taken most of my attention lately. I'm awaiting a DNA test kit. Slated for arrival tomorrow, it should give me ethnic background as well as whether two potential cousins are actually related.

The stories surrounding the death of my paternal grandfather have multiplied as well, each new account more tragic than the last. I'v researched some of the additional information and given what else is known about the family, it is possible that at least one cause of death is more likely than the others and also, given the times and attitudes of the era, more likely to have been covered up.

I find it interesting how stories are created and circulated in families. In this case they may reveal the strength of genetics. In any event, losing life at 22 with a younger wife and a baby is terrible for all concerned.

Apart from this, my hands have taken a beating from a lack of gloves so I am on the hunt for new ones as I've had callouses, bruising and scabbed over cuts to deal with. While they've healed quickly, gloves, despite the fact that they wear out quickly, can help.

The cooler weather takes me outside and brings greater activities, so my hands need all the help they can get. Cheers!