Sunday, March 29, 2009


March 29, 2009
By E.
It has been a busy few days here and at about 4 AM, my household wakened to the sounds of a roiling storm, which by mid-day had passed, leaving leaves strewn on wet streets and slowly drying puddles.
The swelling in my knee has gone down enough for me to get out Friday in the chair and yesterday, briefly, without it. Because the chair is a manual, the PT warned me to beware of neck, shoulder and wrist wear, which is the last thing I need at this point. I will meet with the adaptive seating specialist this week and eventually obtain a chair that is fitted to my body and needs, theoretically reducing the likelihood of repetitive strain and injury. Another blogger who lives and works from a chair also suggested that I ask for a physical therapist to teach me how to use my body correctly in the chair. This will also reduce the possibility of further strain and injury, and I am grateful for her generosity in sharing this with me.
I continue to use frozen peas and other ice packs as well as anti-inflammatories several times daily. As I indicated in the comments section of the post dated March 19, the meeting with the arthroscopy surgeon did not go as expected. He feels that I would derive little lasting benefit from that procedure at this point due to the state of my knee, which is that of a seventy-year-old. He has referred me to a joint replacement surgeon who has already told me that a total knee replacement is not possible for me and he is not sure a partial will work, either. I am to meet again on April 8, after the joint replacement specialist has had time to confer with colleagues and locate any medical literature pertinent to my specific circumstances.
My own perusal of medical literature has not turned up anything substantive to indicate that this surgery is a good idea for me. I am still looking, although there are more possible negatives than positives to surgery from what I've been told and have read thus far. As my gait and bio- mechanics are at issue here, a new joint would likely wear differently and much faster, ultimately subjecting me to more frequent surgeries for the rest of my life. That is not something I would choose to do without learning all I can first. The options in this situation appear very limited at best, from what I know at present.
In the meantime, I am nursing my geriatric Siamese through an herpetic eye infection and feel fortunate to have the help of a devoted veterinary technician from the nearby cat hospital.
I have chosen to use this time for research, adapting to the use of a chair and finding answers to related questions, including those concerned with pain control. There do not appear to be many good or lasting solutions to this situation and getting current and reliable information is the best thing I and my doctor can do.
I thank everyone for your good wishes and e-mails. My blogging and e-mailing will likely be reduced, but your concern is appreciated nonetheless. I will update again after April 8.
Wishing everyone a happy Sunday and a good week ahead!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Theme Thursday: Frozen Peas Are Your Friend

After my visit to the doc yesterday, I've found out that I amongst the one to two percent of individuals who have an allergic and adverse reaction to a common medication for the knee. Designed to give the arthritic knee a cushion against pain, this wonder lubricant is made from rooster combs and called Syn Visc. It works well for many. I am in the minority. It seems my body is treating this substance as a foreign invader, hence the swelling, pain and extreme discomfort.

In practical terms, this is not good news as I may be laid up for days beneath ice bags. In the larger context, it also means that one resource in my limited range of options has been eliminated for good. The synthetic version of this lubricant, known as Euflexa, although it caused no unwanted reactions, also provided no relief.

I can only stand with pain, and walking includes holding on to things or people. The manual chair can't fit through doorways, and once in the kitchen, blocks access to the refridgerator. Nonetheless, I can use it to get closer to these things without stressing the knee, so even limited help is better than nothing. My seventies vintage apartment offers little in the way of re-modeling possibilities.

In keeping with the vegetable theme today, one bright spot involves a gallon bag of frozen green peas. These become very cold, but conform to my now badly mis-shapened knee quite readily, making frozen peas a wonderful ice pack. If I get the urge to snack while lying down with my knee elevated...Who knows? I'm so exhausted at this point, I mightn't mind the taste.

I see the surgeon on Monday about arthroscopy. A heartfelt thank you to all my followers and those who send well wishes with my previous posting and this one. Your words and kind thoughts are appreciated.

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bees Knees? Hardly...

I had a decent day yesterday. Apart from the mundane tasks of paying bills, getting food in and grabbing an extra lesson with my Hebrew instructor, whom I find a dear and patient person, I was at least somewhat optimistic that the latest round of right knee injections might eventually mean less pain.

Unfortunately, I do have tears and bouts of bursitis and other "itises" afoot in there, and I am not a candidate for knee replacement. Ever. I also hyperextend the knee when not braced, because my ACL, though intact, is so stretched out it can't work properly any longer.

I got up this morning and the outer and top areas of my right knee hurt so badly that I could barely walk; I am now sitting with an ice bag, having called the doctor, the orthotist and making an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist. No outings for me this day. I will be off the Blog for a while as well.

Until Next Time...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reprising Doors...

Photos and Text By E.
March 15, 2009.
Two door spaces, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Both were closed on the morning these photos were taken last September.
The Artspace is home to various working artists studios whose works are exhibited during specified hours and at designated events. The bit about this on the web is at: I noticed the red doors right off, along with the signage and had to take a snap!
The other I know nothing about. The shape and color of the overhang and the light fixture caught my eye. They lend much to an otherwise unremarkable entrance.
The symbolism, shapes, colors and locations for doors, entryways and gates fascinate me. The early morning that these were shot was my first time using a digital camera.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog Award And More...

Karen of Border Town Notes has generously bestowed upon yours truly and seven additional Bloggers a Friendship Award pictured above. With it comes the following write up:

"This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!

Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award."

Here are my eight choices for the Friendship Award:

Squirrel of; For sharing a charming town and wonderful photos, and showing kindness and humor to blogfellows.

Subtorp77 of; Always has a rhyme for and a sense of humor about life and has been many places.

Megan of Her All I Need Is Everything Blog is fun to read

Val of Monkeys On The Roof; Beautiful photos and compelling prose.

Mouse AKA Kimy of Mouse Medicine; For promoting peace and goodwill through her photos, presenting history as well as the present and living in a spirit of hope.

Coffee Messiah ; Outstanding graphics, commentary and music.

Merle Sneed; A down-to-earth guy who tells it like it is.

Tut-tut of Inside The Shell; Makes new bloggers feel welcome and always has something nice to say.

Wishing Everyone a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Theme Thursday: Animal :Feline Companions

Photos and Text Property of E.
March 12, 2009.
My animal companions---Phoebe, Angel and Jacob---mean the world to me. They are all foundlings, and the two girls have never known another human friend or family.
Angel, the geriatric Siamese, is thirteen, and was no bigger than the center of my hand when I found her in a garbage bin years ago. I righted it and out she came---a furry ball of fawn fiestiness, yowling at the world for a crumb, her blue eyes fixed on me from the start.
She has always been high strung and vocal. It took me several years to convince her she did not have to search our kitchen garbage bin for scraps.
Phoebe, a black shadow, is a mix born of feral parents and brought indoors. She doesn't like anyone but me and climbs to the highest spot in our apartment to avoid guests. She's a ham with the other cats, and lives up to the word princess in every sense. Her favorite spot is my lap.
Jacob, the handsome black and white tux, is a gentleman. Affectionate and sociable, he spent months as an orphan before I brought him home on my birthday four years ago. He was an adult then, and the girls were miffed for months over his inclusion in our family, but with one well-aimed swipe of his front paw, he chose me.
Once a cat selects a human, the human has little choice. The love and faith of a cat isn't easily bestowed, particularly if the cat has been abused, orphaned or left to its own devices. Jacob guards the girls and me from intruders. He loves to cuddle and play and is a fanatic for unattended salad greens.
All came with health problems and though indoor, developed and carry feline herpes virus, a highly contagious airborne disease that remains in the cat's body after initial exposure. All receive medication daily. Happily, this trio hasn't had an outbreak in months. They eat well and chase each other around the apartment with an abandon I often envy. Angel and Phoebe, star soccer divas, swoop and dive for balls of paper at every opportunity.
Their lives spared, these three provide hours of fun and lend an element of grace and comfort to our small abode. I believe that we were gifts given to each other, and I wish that humans had more respect for the animals and other life forms on this whirling planet we call home.
Until Next Time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stressed and Bleary-Eyed

I hate burning my candle at both ends, but sometimes it is inevitable. Last night, I was up pulling boxes out and papers loose in anticipation of a meeting today to review last year's tax return. It appears that Uncle Sam wants more money, so out came every scrap of paper related to the return that I could find. Since I generally keep paperwork, this task was accomplished in record time and I was able to turn in about midnight.

The hard part now is re-organizing the mess my three cats made of all of these things as they apparently played soccer all over my small living room as the night wore on. Fortunately, nothing was reduced to confetti, but I have been up since five trying to restore order, so by now, I'm a bit tired...with a deadline to meet!

Another Blogger has asked me to post about upcoming events for Friday, March 13. It seems Auntie, AKA cagney of and or Dog Girl, is asking bloggers to post any ghostly stories they have on that day. Check with her for details. I got this information from Mrsupole.

I leave you with the above photo and an expression of "Who me? I didn't make that mess in the livingroom! Honest!"
Until Next Time...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let The Sun Shine In!

Photos and Text Property of E.
March 8, 2009
A walk through my court yard and out beneath this lush canopy of trees helped boost my mood this afternoon. It was cool with little humidity, lots of sun and nary a drop of rain!
After several days under the weather, this was perfect...
For several reasons, my walking has diminished; I will soon have wheels and a chair as needed.
As someone reminded me this morning, "Each day counts!"
Until Next Time...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Theme Thursday: Glass

What would we do without glass? Beyond the mundane depicted in these photos,
I'll leave you with this sliver of further contemplation:

Once More, With Feeling

Glass on Glass



Randomly Knicking

The Bottoms of

Two Hearts.

---Previously published in Omnibus, 1989 by the author, E.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Watching the sky slowly stew before graying
I felt
Before seeing,
tiny droplets pelt
the surface of my shoulders.
First shy, then insistent,
a lover's fingers
brushing, then caressing skin,
drawing a surprised breath
at the mysteries of full embrace.
Poem and Photo By E.
March 1, 2009