Monday, June 14, 2021

You Can't Be Authenticated...

 I spent an inordinate amount of time with four different representatives of my home and previous auto insurer. I was calling with a question on one policy and to verify the due date on another. One of the best companies which serves military personnel, dependents and family members, it is known for quality products and excellent customer service. I have been a member for over 30 years.

All that said, this company has changed its authentication process and now expects codes, none of which were available to me. This led to a less than salubrious experience when first an associate and then his supervisor informed me that their hands were tied and they could not discuss anything further. Having attempted to retrieve the code while on the phone, and failed as the call was dropped, I became more determined to resolve the situation and called back again. 

Fortunately, my call landed in a smart woman's queue. I calmly explained the previous problem and my reasons for calling. She listened and then said she needed to place me on a brief hold while she fetched what turned out to be another smart woman who is part of  the security department. Questions were asked and answered quickly and the matter was handled. Things were concluded when I spoke with a man who first apologized. With nothing more due until January, I hope not to call again anytime soon.

I've just had a coffee and paid my remaining bills...

Why do humans overcomplicate things?


Elephant's Child said...

Recently a representative of a company I am forced to deal with called me. And then tried to make me jump through hoops to confirm my identity. She was a tad indignant when I refused and suggested that she needed to assure herself that she was calling the right person some other way.

37paddington said...

Hooray for the smart woman on the other end of the call.

Wisewebwoman said...

Having just gone through the absolute mill with a Best Buy purchase too long and convoluted and wasteful to go into here, I hear you. Literally hours out of my life as they didn't do their job while insisting they did.
Aaaaargh as EC so succinctly put it.


Boud said...

It's usually a woman who sorts things out in the end! I had one do that in a couple of minutes after I'd tried to access the new bank our HOA had moved to, so as to operate my account. Two men failed to help, had both said this is not possible on a phone, you must start over with a laptop! One even called again later to insist on the laptop. I told him it was done, thanks, on my phone! Translation: he only knew the desktop commands..what do you bet?

I'm glad you got it sorted.