Monday, July 27, 2020

4:25 AM

That is hardly a great name for a post, but here I am. My grocery delivery did not go smoothly. I am supposed to have contact-free delivery. This means that the bags get left outside and the delivery person leaves after either ringing the doorbell or sending a text. I normally watch from either a kitchen window or a peephole.

My instructions to them are to notify me regarding any substitutions which need to be made to my order if the store is out of an item and to leave my purchases beside my ramp outside the front door.
What would appear to be fairly straight forward, however, has been anything but simple the last three times packages or groceries have been delivered.

Saturday's drop off included a text to me saying an Amazon driver needed help with delivery, so masked and after hearing noise on the metal ramp outside, I cracked the front door open to discover that my storm door which is normally locked, was wide open and the guy was in my face, without a mask, and placing the bags at the top of and on the ramp.

Normally locked, the storm door is clear glass and would enable me to show the person where to place deliveries, but having someone that close who was also blocking my ability to roll outside and who opened a door without permission infuriated me.

I texted Amazon because it is now impossible to reach anyone by phone, and it took three individuals before I got someone who seemed to know what he was doing. He focused on the mask issue, so perhaps something will be done, My delivery instructions are now in ALL CAPS, which likely means nothing, if recent behavior is any indication. 

This might easily be seen as a first world problem were it not for the health threat involved.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so very sorry to read that you low expectations were met. I do hope that improvements are made - but sadly wouldn't be holding my breath.

LL Cool Joe said...

We are having food deliveries and we leave instructions for the driver to leave the food bags outside the front door and we will get them in, but they always insist on ringing the door bell and then trying to hand us stuff. Never wearing a mask either.

Boud said...

You are so right. Amazon is making it more difficult to get in touch with any problem. I'm sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything.

Steve Reed said...

Yeah, none of our delivery people have been wearing masks either, although usually they leave stuff on the doorstep and then step back when we open the door. They don't usually stay too close. Good for you for texting Amazon.

Secret Agent Woman said...

There are too many people not taking the pandemic seriously.

jenny_o said...

That's not good customer service at all. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this. What part of pandemic do people still not understand? It's unreal.

HBF said...

That is definitely on them and I'm glad you texted. Creepy about the door being open, I can understand your anger.