Sunday, January 7, 2018

Has Your Food Bill Increased?

This weekend, I had a prowl through the small hall closet that serves as food pantry and storage for household supplies.

I do this as a prelude to meal planning and grocery shopping because if I know what is in there, I can plan around it and buy less at the store and hopefully reduce food waste.

Jarred Spaghetti Sauce
Jarred Curry
4 Cans assorted beans
6 Cans Soup
1 Jar Branston Pickle
2 Jars Honey
1 Jar Dill Relish
2 Packets Brown Rice
1 Packet Spanish Rice
1 Box Quinoa
4 Cans assorted fruits
1 Can New Potatoes
4 Cans assorted vegetables
1 Box Baking Soda
Bragg's Aminos
1 packet Jello
Evaporated Milk
Steel cut oats
Olive Spread
Olive Oil
Cooking Spray
Minced Garlic
Rice Cakes
Peanut Butter

A good deal more than I thought on initial inspection. My focus will be on fresh fruit, salad makings and vegetables this time around as I won't need anything for the pantry, and the frozen food consists of a few assorted packets of vegetables and risotto. I always check the specials to see if there is anything worth taking since they generally do not stay around long. I go at two-week intervals, and whatever I run out of means getting creative with what is left since there is no "running out to the store for two or three things" when transport is relatively expensive and must be arranged in advance. Since Aldi carries most of what  I use and is cheaper for organic options in some items than its higher priced counterparts, it has become my main source for groceries. I'm attempting to winnow the bill down to no more than $40 per week, less if I can. At present, there are 23 items on my list to buy. For two weeks, that's not bad. Since I'm in the US, Aldi does not do yellow stickers and other stores do not issue vouchers or points. What are you doing to bring down food costs?


Elephant's Child said...

I am being more careful in what we buy. Buying with meals in mind. And being creative with the leftovers (which often have more flavour). Good luck.

crafty cat corner said...

Yes, I have noticed that several of my staple foods have suddenly increased in price.
I guess I'll just look for a cheaper brand.

Live and Learn said...

What are the yellow stickers Aldi's doesn't do?

Wisewebwoman said...

Freezing cheap meals like moose stew and chili. More vegetarian and good soups. Shopping carefully. Planning meals more.


Steve Reed said...

I'm doing my best to encourage Dave not to buy duplicate stuff when we can avoid it! Does Aldi (or anyone) deliver in your area? We can order groceries online and have them delivered, and we do that sometimes with big bulk orders for non-perishables like paper towels or rice. That might be a big help with your transportation issues, but I suspect it would cost more (maybe not when you figure in transportation costs, though).

jenny_o said...

I'm trying hard to remember to use up the things I stick in the freezer. I always put leftovers in there for "emergencies" but lately I've decided not to wait for those because they never really arrive, and a year later I'm finding them freezer-burned and useless. I'm also trying to be more creative with ingredients and not just use them the same old way every time. It certainly would be a strong motivator to be creative when it's so hard to get out and around. Do you think you'll feel like telling us about the creative meals as you go? I'd be interested.

37paddington said...

when i shop, i order online and have it delivered. i am not penny wise, unfortunately, so it's a good thing my husband does most of the food shopping. i have other talents, like obsessively cleaning the house!

The Happy Whisk said...

Amazing how high some foods can be.

A Cuban In London said...

I have become ever so careful with our shopping list.

Greetings from London.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Nothing at this time, except eating out a lot less. Well, I guess we're being mindful of planning meals, too.