Monday, August 29, 2016

Tropical Depression # 9

The weather forecast for this area includes a tropical depression with lots of water, lightening and thunder later in the week, I'm going to be digging out rain gear, flashlights, batteries and a can opener, along with extra water in case the electricity becomes intermittent or goes down completely for a time. We'll see what nature brings us which is nearly always a crapshoot.

In the meantime, I have ice, heat and stretching to look forward to, along with an it's-the-end-of August-birthday-lunch tomorrow in my neighborhood with three friends.

What are you up to?


Martha said...

Oh, I hope that storm isn't too bad! But at least you're prepared. The lunch sounds like fun.

Not much going on over here. We've got some house projects to work on that we'll eventually feel like tackling!

Birdie said...

I am working. Meh

You. Stay dry.

Elephant's Child said...

Stay dry, stay safe.
I am wrestling with developing a care/inclusion plan for myself. A new government initiative with promise.

Jenny Woolf said...

Not much you can do about the weather, but I hope your lunch goes off well.

HBF said...

I'm still plugging along doing therapy, therapy, appointments, and gym and repeat! Hope the storm is pretty but not too disruptive :o)

the walking man said...

Looks like for us the swelter is about to end. Doing? What is that, I am admitting to nothing.

Shaheen said...

oh e, stay dry, warm and safe.
We had a very lazy weekend, it rained of course - but no thunder!
You mentioned a Tomato Soup Cake recipe on your blog, can you share the link - I can't see it and i am curious to give it a go now

37paddington said...

i am writing the last chapter of a book i worked on early in the summer. now i am taking a break from it to go and clean up the kitchen and anything else i see amiss. while i think about where to go next on the page. happy birthday!

The Happy Whisk said...

Hope you stay dry and safe. It's raining here now and earlier yesterday morning, it was cold enough to need a sweatshirt.

Just pulled a bake out of the oven. Now I'm at the kitchen table reading blogs.