Thursday, June 9, 2022


 Lukas and I have been busy. He at the cat hospital for his fluid appointments and me with various projects around our abode. One corner of the front room is slowly taking on the appearance of a small hoard of cardboard boxes. Since our recycling has gone, I've no choice but to flatten and bin them which I think is a waste. Most of what comes in is consumable, so I have no other hoards and the plan is to use some of the boxes to clear out the two closets, some drawers, the kitchen stuff and some photos and books as well as an old iMac and possibly a desk. 

I also need to clean my chair, sort out my front casters yet again and make sure my hurricane supplies are in order. Groceries are due later this morning, a small order of 10 items and a cat order for food and litter.

Otherwise, I have been reading, and doing the usual home related things as well as resuming work on the family tree. More cousins have been added from my maternal grandfather's family. some of whom are living. A few appear to be criminals according to the news and law enforcement in their locality.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.


Boud said...

Is that a mola? Great.

And the saga of the chair casters is still with us. I guess it's never fixed once and for all, what with normal wear and tear, but I wish it were less of an issue in your life.

I'm amused that you're uncovering the lawless side of the family. I bet we all have them if we look closely enough.

Wilma said...

No telling what you will uncover in your family tree! Family lore has it that there was a horse thief way back in my father's family and also a connection with the Chicago mob back in the 1920s.

Ms. Moon said...

I was wondering how Lucas was doing. Glad to hear he's hanging in there.
Hurricane supplies.
Yes. It is the season.

Wisewebwoman said...

You put me in mind of the myriad usesmy cats made of boxes over the years but my favourite usage by one cat was curling up in the large pot on the stove, I took many photos but can't find them, she made herself so tiny to fit and snored for hours.

Good luck on the cleaning out.


37paddington said...

Letting material things go is my new favorite hobby, though it is progressing far more slowly than I would like. How do we accumulate so much? It also takes a lot of energy to go through closets and drawers, both physical and emotional energy. I hope you are enjoying the process a bit, though.

Martha said...

I hope you and Lukas are both doing well and that your week is a good one!

Steve Reed said...

E, you have so little stuff in your apartment, I can't believe you have that much to clear out!

Elephant's Child said...

How did I miss this post.
I am thrilled that Lukas is hanging in there, and grateful for your dedicated care.