Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Oh For Fuck's Sake Part II

  For those of you who think booking  a booster and getting a ride is a snap. and why the hell don't  I just get on with it, I've spent from 10 AM to 2:45 PM in an attempt to do just that---to no avail. Publix is so jammed with free Pfizer that I cannot get past the list of those in my neighborhood to make an appointment. CVS and Walgreens are slightly less full but their requests for information are more involved and I get so far and then I'm timed out and must start over...So far I have made four attempts and for someone whose motor skills mean that I type a bit more slowly than the average person, it has been frustrating, and I am not new to being online. Unfortunately, this is the only way to make an appointment. I wonder what a more elderly or infirm individual does in this situation. And yes, as none of these sites provide J and J as a booster, I will opt for Moderna unless it is gone by the time I can get a jab.

Update: I was given a slot tomorrow late afternoon for both Flu and COVID booster. My ride will confirm this evening.


Elephant's Child said...

HUGE sigh.
And good luck.
Boosters are not available for anyone here yet.

Boud said...

I'm glad you finally won! And now I fervently hope your ride works out, too.

Joanne Noragon said...

My slot at CVS is at noon. I can drive myself, but have to wrestle a too big walker into the back seat and out and in again, and out. I'm thinking of you and the ride.

37paddington said...

I hope all goes well with your booster today!

Ms. Moon said...

I wish you the best and hope all goes smoothly.