Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Thanks and More...

I've had a busy cycle of days since my recent birthday. Thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes, all are appreciated. More friends have taken me for belated birthday meals, and all of my recent dental issues have resolved. Lukas is doing well snd thus far, though we have had lots of rain, no tropical storms or hurricanes appear on the horizon. The season ends November 30, so while we still have the potential, I'm hopeful none will develop. Meteorologists claim the increased rains are helping keep the waters cooler which keeps storm creation down. I'll take the rain.

I spent yesterday buying a folding hospital chair which my friend of thirty-five years now claims is easier for him to deal with than my lighter titanium, solid frame chair that is better for my back, hips and shoulders. I've told him he can push when we venture out. That isn't often and had it been anyone else, I'd have told them to stop whining and chosen not to pursue additional social engagement. He, however, has always been and continues to be a good friend, and in getting older, has also gotten bigger, which complicates things.

Personally, I think a lot of able-bodied folk suffer from a combination of ignorance and laziness and take too much for granted, a line of thought I verbalize only in extreme circumstances. Friends who know me well have by now become familiar with some of the crap that is almost ever-present in the lives of wheelchair users and most of them have no problem with my daily use chair.

The extra chair is a back up. I have notified my vendor for the regular chair that maintenance, cleaning and some new parts are needed and await a response. It has been about three weeks, so they'll be hearing from me again before the month is out.

Life in this condominium community may be changing. A member of our board has been going about vetting the idea of approaching a developer who has permission to build a medical facility to buy us out, knock down these buildings and put up the desired facility. Nothing has been presented to the owners but real estate has gone up here, so they would need to give us each enough to purchase another property and with the shortage of available affordable housing here, that may not be as easy as it sounds, particularly for me. I have no job, so a mortgage is beyond question. Additionally, I need to live on a bus route to assure transportation and have the means to modify a dwelling as needed and any place I move must accept pets. I've sunk a pretty penny for the bathroom, kitchen, closets, doorways, threshold ramps, shelving and drawers into this place. According to our bylaws, if 3/4 agree, it will be a done deal, whatever my feelings on the matter.

Condominiums here are largely now viewed as investment properties, so most of the owners here have multiple units while having other primary residences elsewhere, so they would share neither my need for a new home nor any concern regarding location, proximity to friends or transport.

At this point, I'm not sure what if anything I should be doing.



37paddington said...

The condo news is worrying but chances are it won’t come to pass.

Elephant's Child said...

I am glad that your birthday celebrations continue.
Sigh on the condiminium front. I suspect I would lean towards doing nothing until you have some definite information (I am aware that the worry will continue though).

Live and Learn said...

Moving always causes me a lot of anxiety. I can't imagine what it would be like if I had to have all of the considerations that you have. Good luck. We can all hope that if you have to move, you can actually find something better.

Wisewebwoman said...

Belated happiest day dear friend, another August birthday buddy.

The condo biz is worrisome. Are u attending all the board meetings and making your voice heard? Is there a residents' association? Proactivity is always the best road if you're up for it or can appoint a proxy.


jenny_o said...

That's concerning about your condo and the possibility of selling out from under you. I do hope it comes to nothing.

My father's specially made wheelchair was exceedingly easy to push considering his size. And I know from my very brief trips in a wheelchair (to/from eye surgery, and across the hospital from respiratory to ER one scary day) that the folding ones the hospital provides (which I assume is similar to the one you just bought) give a very rough ride. They are like the go-cart of wheelchairs, pretty uncomfortable. It's too bad your friend can't see the pluses of your regular chair.

Belated birthday wishes, e - I just left a comment on your most recent post as well. With blogs that have no "follow" function, I sometimes miss posts!

Martha said...

Glad to hear you and Lukas are doing fine, and I hope you don't get any storms!

Steve Reed said...

Yikes. That's interesting (and unnerving) about the potential condo deal. I wonder if there would be enough support. I guess it all depends on the offer. Hopefully you can make your voice heard, at least. Are there public meetings where this will be discussed? Will it require any kind of government approval or is the zoning such that it could move forward without further consideration?

Who is your friend of 35 years? I must know him, or at least have heard of him!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Hmm. It would be hard not to worry about the condo thing.

I have come to the conclusion that until you've experienced a particular thing, it's hard to be adequately aware of the difficulties inherent in it.

Jenny Woolf said...

That is a worrying situation with the condo. I hope it doesn't happen. I would like to be able to offer advice but I am not familiar with the way things are done in the USA, so my best advice is to try not to think about it and hope it doesn't happen, and also to discuss with neighbours who might be in a similar situation to yourself. Maybe it is possible to pool funds to buy a house which would take 3 of you and give control to YOU what happens. I know this can be possible and work well if it is legally tied up but I don't know how the laws are where you are. Good luck with it.