Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lost Refrigerator

The first week of June, I got a ride to a well known appliance dealer in my area with a friend. My contractor met us there and by the time I arrived, had shared his drawings and measurements with a sales person. The laundry center, refrigerator and stove were purchased and paid for in full that day and while the laundry center has been delivered after much pestering by the appliance store, the refrigerator has been either lost, sold from the warehouse or not ordered, as we found out today.

Though I still have my old one plugged in to a socket in the front room, it will no longer fit the existing space, so if my new refrigerator does not magically get "found," it will need to be re-ordered. Neither my builder nor I are happy with this turn of events, needless to say and after this experience, the store has lost any future custom from either of us.

As for me, I'm a bit of a snuffling, congested, coughing mess at the moment. All I really want is a nice cup of properly brewed tea and the quiet of a book.

Happily, in the scheme of things, this is simply an annoyance.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope it arrives soon and that the snot monster recedes.

jenny_o said...

I wouldn't be returning to that dealer, either. That's not good business practice.

Hoping you feel better soon.

Martha said...

That is so frustrating. I hope it all gets sorted out. And I hope you are feeling better soon!

Birdie said...

All you really want is a nice cup of properly brewed tea and the quiet of a book and a fridge where it belongs.

Renovations are so maddening, even when everything flows,smoothly. But that has never happened in the history of mankind. I'm not kidding. When we were doing renos I considered leaving my husband.

Feel better. Give kitty a skritch for me.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Colds suck. :-(