Monday, March 15, 2010

Think What You Will...

Au revoir

Sparks flew the day we met
Between your eyes and mine
The sudden flash of desire

We argued over politics, countries, cultures,
All the while knowing that what we both wanted was
The geography of skin

Fingers unlacing, slowly tracing the plane of your cheek
We locked eyes, then lost ourselves to a Sunday’s rain
Its rhythms steady against the headiness of lust.

E, 2009


French Fancy... said...

Oh you are good - everything about this is perfect.

Glad you are posting again.

Brian Miller said...

ah, wonderful verse E! its rhythms steady against the headiness of

e said...

Merci, FF et Brian!

nick said...

That's a wonderful poem. How much is said in just a few lines. I particularly like "What we both wanted was the geography of skin."

Steve Reed said...

Beautiful, E! I like the duplicate sounds in the lines, like "steady" and "headiness," and "lace" and "trace."

Baino said...

Hmmm .. it's been a while! I could do with a few geography lessons.

Kabbalah Rookie said...

Phewee, e!! That paints a picture and a half! What a wonderful poem. x

I Wonder Wye said...

Lovely.....send some to The New Yorker. Those are so obtuse, I hate them. Ta-dah! Now you are on honorary 'Witch of Wye....'

Mary Witzl said...

That is really lovely -- the 'geography of the skin' is a great collocation. And the rhythm of this is just right.

Michael said...

Whoa! Very well written E. Hee, sounds like my previous relationship for 24 years!

lettuce said...

wonderful words E, you're so good at this!

geography of skin, thats a phrase to ponder and remember

e said...

Nick: I was going to entitle this The Geography of Skin, and leave off with that line, but Au Revior is actually more appropriate...

Steve: I really did not consider that when writing but the cadence is there, isn't it?

Baino: I hope you can find some and enjoy them once you do.

KR: doesn't it just? I hope all is going well with you.

Why: Lovely...I rather like being witchy...I don't think the New Yorker would like this...but I could be wrong.

Mary: Thanks and welcome to le blog!

Mr. Toast: What a dear you are...I know there must be more to tell there, but a bit of mystery is always best with these things, no?

Dear Lettuce: Thanks and happy weekend!